5 Easy tips on how to make a Farmhouse style home

The most popular style this season can offer is by far the Farmhouse style. It brings us closer to nature and the farmhouse way of living, giving us comfort and a relaxing and warm feeling, so check out 5 easy tips on how to make a Farmhouse style home:

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1. Choose a calm color scheme

In a farmhouse inspired interior the wooden details stand out among neutrals and the only colors that pop out are the green colors of plants and nature and warm earthy shades showing the variety of wood you can pick. This neutral color scheme brings us back to simplicity, giving also a calm and very warm looking environment.

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2. Add wooden furniture

You can have a farmhouse inspired space without wooden details. Kitchen cabinets and open shelves are ideal for a farmhouse kitchen, a wooden table for a dining space and you can also you can have a SPA looking bathroom with a wooden bathroom cabinet and even a wooden bathtub cover up.

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3. Choose retro or industrial lamps

A great match for a farmhouse inspired space are the industrial or retro looking lamps. The industrial style goes great with wooden elements, while the retro style easily matches all the vintage inspired deco pieces a farmhouse space has.

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4. Show off your kitchen utensils

The farmhouse style  is all about maximalism when it comes to decorations. Every shelf has to be open and everything shows especially: dreamy looking ingredients (even fruit or vegetables), dishes, plates and kitchen utensils. Choose gorgeous jars as storage solutions for your ingredients, pick woven baskets as a storage solution for fruits or big things you store in the kitchen and also show off your pans, dishes, dreamiest vases, plates, glasses or mugs.

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5. Mix green plants with woven details

Another great pair we love for a farmhouse inspired space is pairing green plants with woven elements – rattan and raffia being our ultimate favorites. Choose woven baskets and store anything you have in mind in them, even plants and choose as many green plants you wish to make a farmhouse inspired space super chic.

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