Declutter Your Space to Improve your Mental Health

Life is stressful as it is, and our home is our safe haven from the outside world. The state of your home can greatly affect your mental health. If your home feels cluttered it can add to life’s stressors. There are many things in life out of our control, however you can control your personal space and the environment in which you live. There are many benefits to decluttering your home that can improve your mental health.

Reduces Stress

When you come home from a long day at work, your home should be a place you can rest and feel at peace. However, a cluttered home can have the opposite effect and add to your daily stress. If you’ve ever been frustrated when you can’t find something you need before leaving for work and it makes you late, you know what I’m talking about. Having a clean, tidy home doesn’t only keep things organized and in it’s place, it can create a zen space for you to come home to so you can relax.

Sense of Achievement

It’s important to celebrate your victories, no matter how small they are. There is definitely a sense of achievement and satisfaction from tidying up your home. Think of decluttering your space as a form of self-care.

Sense of Freedom

Letting go of things that tie you to your past can give you a sense of freedom and allow you to move on for the possibilities of what the future holds. By removing things from your past, you create space for what’s to come.


You may have no need for some of your belongings anymore, but someone else may cherish them. If you have things worth selling, it can’t hurt to make some extra money as well. You can try selling some of your things at a flea market or on online platforms. If you have things you no longer wear or need, you can also donate them to charity. Giving things to those in need can make you feel good, and it also creates space in your home.


Ways to Declutter

Here are some tips to get you started to a clutter free home:


One Room at a Time

The idea of decluttering your entire home can see overwhelming. You don’t need to do it all at once. Try to take it bit by bit and start with one room at a time. Start with the room you feel you can best tackle and that will give you the momentum to continue.

 Set a Guideline

If you have a hard time getting rid of stuff, setting a guideline for how you’d like to begin is a great place to start. If you haven’t worn something in the past year, it’s safe to say you probably aren’t going to wear it and it may be time to donate that piece of clothing. You can also make boxes of trash, keep, donate. This is an easy way to organize your thoughts about your items and decide what you will keep or give away.

Storage Space

If you’re unsure about some of your belongings or really can’t part with them, it could be beneficial to stow them away somewhere out of site. Keep them in airtight boxes in a closet in your basement if you have. Otherwise, you may want to consider getting a storage space. That way you can still hold onto your belongings but they aren’t causing clutter in your home.

 Get Support

If you feel completely overwhelmed with the task of decluttering your home, ask for help. A trusted friend or family member can be great support. Even if they aren’t physically helping, just sitting there with you can be great motivation to get you going.

If your mental health concerns are really affecting your life and keeping you from feeling motivated, you can also reach out to a professional. MyTherapist is a great outlet for support from licensed therapists. They can provide you with guidance and tools to help you improve your mental state in the comfort of your own home.

Photos by Kam Idris on Unsplash

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