7 Maximalist interiors that will make you say “bye bye” to Minimalism

The opposite of the popular minimalist style and the expression of “Excess”, maximalism is the style for every one who loves a non-simple interior full of personality, art and all sorts of gorgeous elements. “More is more” when it comes to this style, but don’t mistake it with a hoarders space or an unorganized home. A maximalist place is a tidy space, where everything has its spot and where colors, prints and creativity steal the show. So check out 7 maximalist interiors that will make you say “bye bye” to minimalism:

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1. The power and color

An interior with lots of prints and bold colors is a powerful interior. Choose two or three shades that will stand out and don’t forget you can’t ever go wrong with complementary shades. Also, this kind of interior can easily show your personality, so go bold!

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2. French notes

The French style is often a maximalist one if you are into art deco elements, colors, lots of art and decorative items. Choose this lovely style for your living room or bedroom and enjoy a classy, colorful and elegant maximalist interior.

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3. Summer vibes

Give a Mediterranean and colorful look to a room for the summer season. Start with a fabulous chandelier and also decorate this space with colorful furniture, printed pillows, ethno rugs and oversized green plants.

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4. For the love of nature

This year a maximalist kitchen is super popular, especially a glam or farmhouse inspired one, full of greenery. The kitchen isn’t the space to hide items anymore if not the one to show them. Decorations, green plants, art items or even elegant lamps blend in wonderfully among kitchen cabinets in a maximalist interior that’s simply gorgeous!

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5. Crazy colors

Another popular maximalist kitchen is the one where colors blend in with a neutral space, making it pop out. It’s the perfect recipe for a dull or simple kitchen and all you have to do is get creative and feature your favorite items.

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6. Nature vibes

Even a nature inspired space can become a maximalist one. All you have to do is pick up some wow factors like a dreamy retro wallpaper in Earthy shades, oversized pampaps elements, a lot of natures inspired vases, cool lamps and trendy chairs.

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7. Exotic feeling

Make a maximalist and colorful space exotic and ready for the warm season. Prints and colors looks wonderful with tropical elements and patterns and, of course, a lot of oversized green plants.

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