5 Must-Have Tools for Easy Home Renovation Projects

Having a few tools around your home definitely comes in handy for small projects — you can hang new artwork or add extra storage space easily and without any hassle. But if you’re planning to tear down an entire room and turn it into a more appealing living space, you’ll need more than a paintbrush, a hammer, and some elbow grease. Here are five essential tools you need to invest in before starting your next renovation project. 

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is an essential tool that every handy homeowner should have. It drastically cuts down the effort needed to complete many manual tasks and saves time. When you want a quality finish on almost any surface, this is the tool for the job. A cordless drill operates on rechargeable batteries, allowing you to enjoy instant drill power without thinking about the length of your power cord. 

Apart from creating perfectly round holes, you can also use it to drive screws and bolts, mix paint and concrete, and even twist wires. Today, you can easily find drills that have different speed variations. All you need to do is attach the correct drill bit or accessory for the job. And don’t forget to change the drill bits when they get dull. 

TIG Welder for Home Use

There may be nothing more useful and valuable around your home than a welder. If you are handy, have a home workshop and love DIY home maintenance or creative welding projects, you’ll love having a welder in your tool kit to repair, fix, create, and build things around the house. The good thing is, today’s welders are compact, portable, and affordable. 

Choose one that produces superior, high-quality welds and is easy to use. While there are various types on the market, a TIG welder (gas tungsten arc welder) is the best option for precision welding and DIY home renovation projects. Make sure you understand the maintenance requirements as well, and replace your tungsten electrode regularly, as this is a critical component in the arc welding process.  

Portable Table Saw

Since you’re likely going to spend time at some point cutting wood to fit desired measurements, you’ll need a saw. If you have the space, a table saw is the best tool for cutting boards to the correct width and thickness, and it also allows you to get creative around the corners. While a hand saw or circular saw is a cheaper option, it’s less precise if you aren’t a pro, plus it’s time-consuming.

A table saw may have a high cost initially, but it will serve you for decades. This means you don’t have to call in a carpenter whenever you need to add some fancy wooden shelves or when you want to replace damaged wood. If you’re going to eliminate blade marks on the material you’re working on, pair your saw with a top-quality blade and keep it sharp.

Measuring Tape

It’s easy to dismiss the importance of a quality tape measure, yet it can make or break your home improvement project. You’ll need it every day on every phase of your project to ensure accurate measurements. Get a carpenter-grade measuring tape with a durable case, a longer stand-out (at least 25 feet long), and easy-to-read numbers. The best tape measures also have a blade locking mechanism and have a serrated edge at the metal hook that you can use to mark the surface you’re measuring. 

Sledge Hammer 

Most renovation projects begin with some demolition work. Maybe you first need to tear down old counters or bring down a wall to open up a space. There are different sledgehammers on the market, and you‘ll definitely need one that you can lift easily, again and again. Choose wisely, as you don’t want it to wear you out after just a few swings. 

Quality Tools Guarantee Quality Work

Investing in the appropriate tools will help you complete your future DIY projects faster, safely, and with more confidence. And the best thing about having your own equipment is that you’ll never have to call a handyman whenever small maintenance tasks pop up around your home. That’s putting money right back into your pocket.

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