5 Easy steps to create a home gym

Time for working out and getting in the shape you wish. What’s the first step in this process? Well creating a dreamy and functional home gym. It’s super easy, so check out 5 steps to create a home gym:

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1. Organize your working out elements in a cute bookcase

First thing’s first, get super organized! An organized space will make you more motivated and stress free. Start with a basic bookcase, looking like a cube, like the ones IKEA has and fill it with working out items, supplements, water bottles and the things you need for working out.

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2. Choose a storage solution for your working out mattresses

Practicing yoga or all kinds of exercises implies having special mattresses. So make a fun corner for them or think of a chic storage solution. For example, woven baskets are super popular right now and are just perfect for holding working out mattresses.

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3. Make room for working out

You will need extra room for working out, so you will have to move furniture around. Don’t move items every time you’re working out. Make a permanent corner for your home gym, this way you will get motivated in wanting to exercise more. Also, If you don’t have a lot of space for your home gym, choose upper and hanging storage solutions for your working out items.

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4. Exercise surrounded by plants

Exercising in the nature is a great practice, but it you’re stuck at home, just make a corner of your home looking like the outdoors. Surround your working out corner with dreamy plants, in all sizes, especially oversized ones and you will easily bring the outdoors indoors. This corner will be perfect for having a treadmill or a running bike in it.

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5. Decorate the space with cool and inspiring framed pictures

When working out you need as many inspiration as you possibly can. You can paint a wall in a bold or nature themed color that inspires you or you can frame motivational quotes and dreamy framed pictures of calm and beautiful landscapes. For the summer season choose the ones with cool beaches or the dreamy sea. A beach body is a good motivation for working out, right?

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