How To Turn Your Home Office Into an Organized Haven

With more people working from home than ever, everyone is looking for ways to make their home office feel like a haven. This can mean different things to different people, but the essence is the same. You want it to stay clean and make you happy. After all, a stress-free atmosphere will lead to better productivity. Your residential space of work is supposed to be where you get work done, but it doesn’t have to feel like a cold cubicle. The freedom of remote work allows you to cater to yourself in many ways, including personalizing your space. This will make you happier and spice up those drab weekly video calls. Read on for some simple tips to spruce up your workspace at home.

Do Some Organization Prep

Most people work more efficiently when there isn’t clutter on their desk. Furthermore, your home office should be organized and calm. This can be achieved easily, but you’ll need to set it up for success. Some home organization tips include:

  • Invest in storage furniture
  • Always put things back in their place
  • Only keep necessary items on tabletops
  • Minimize the knick-knacks

In true Marie Kondo fashion, only keep what brings you joy. Does that fake plant add to your video call aesthetic? Keep it. Does it just collect dust and kind of look droopy? Trash it. A good way to get rid of excess things you don’t want or need is to sell them on reselling platforms like Mercari or eBay.

Furthermore, paper and documents are considered clutter. Even if they serve a purpose, that purpose may only come around once in a blue moon. There are ways to store your important files electronically. Look into keeping your documents in an online folder or software program. There are even document and receipt scanners that are made just for that reason.

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Decorate Your Way to Happiness

Surrounding yourself with things that give you fuzzy feelings can positively impact your work and your day. Home decor that makes you happy is simple to achieve. Consider:

  • An accent wall with a pattern or your favorite color
  • Daily affirmation calendars
  • Cozy lighting
  • Industrial touches
  • A poster of your favorite movie
  • Hobby displays
  • Pictures of family and friends

Your office is now in your home, so make yourself feel at home. Throw a chic, faux fur blanket over the back of your office chair to give it an instant, cozy upgrade.

Keep Cleaning Tools Handy

A home office usually doesn’t come with the company maintenance person. You now realize all the work they have put in to make sure your desk doesn’t have fingerprints and chip dust from yesterday’s lunch. It’s not magic. However, there are ways to make cleaning your workspace spic and span.

  • Get a robot vacuum
  • Keep a desktop vacuum ready for crumbs
  • Eat in a separate space
  • Keep a waste basket under your desk
  • Have tech wipes handy

You would be surprised at the amount of dirt and grime that accumulates on your mouse and keyboard. This isn’t to scare you. Staying at home is, after all, keeping you from your coworker sneezing in the cubical next to you. Keeping tools at the ready to wipe up dirt before it surmounts in a pile near the caps lock button is key.

Keep a Schedule

If you live with others, there is a good chance that your home office is shared. Unless you have a whole room to yourself, it’s best to allot time solely for your workday. Post your work schedule on the door. Make it known to others when you will need some peace and quiet. This way, all that work organizing and cleaning won’t be for naught.

Most importantly, pencil in some time at the end of each work day to decompress and put everything in its place. If it’s not scheduled in, you likely won’t do it. It’s tough to feel unplugged when working remotely. For that reason, literally save space in your day to not work. Use all of the tips above and get your office space ready for the next day. Otherwise, chaos will quickly ensue. It’s not like you mean to keep those cold cups of coffee on your desk until they grow mold. It just happens, but you can prevent it by making time for yourself.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Invest in Comfort

Comfortability means different things to different people. You will be spending a lot of time in your home office, most likely, so make sure you feel at ease doing so. This can mean investing in ergonomically-designed chairs and keyboards to keep your back from aching and your hands from cramping. Alternatively, you could just keep a stress ball in a drawer to reach for when times get tough.

Some other comfortable assets to consider include noise-cancelling headphones, thermoses to keep your coffee warm all day, foot rests, and candles. As long as you don’t live in an apartment complex that bans anything but flameless candles, a flickering light and relaxing scent can add some serenity to each work day. Along the same lines, get some aesthetically-pleasing blinds that are easy to roll up and let the sunlight in. Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you have to feel stuck. Bring the outside in with plants, real or fake.

Organizing your home office is easy with a little prep and maintenance. It may seem like you have no time in the day to get everything done. However, if you get the right storage furniture, cleaning tools, and mindset, you will have a cozy, chic home office in no time.

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  1. Hi, I use a Feng Shui method of sitting with my back to a solid wall, looking into the room. Could you elaborate a bit on this. All the photos are with desks against walls and so one looks at the blank wall. Regards, MariGold