How to Get Housework Done with a Toddler in the House

Every mother wants to have a clean and well-organized home, but “doing it all” can be somehow exhausting at times and especially if you have a toddler. You just feel weighed down and fatigued with what requires to be done in your home.

Look at this, the house requires to be cleaned, dishes have to be washed, and laundry too. How do you handle all this with a toddler and stay sane? Here are some best hacks to get household done with a toddler in the house.

Invest in a baby carrier

Get a baby carrier for doing chores around the house. A baby carrier allows you to carry your little one on your body rather than holding the toddler in your arms. It makes your hands free to perform household tasks while your toddler is safe with you. A carrier supports your child in a healthy, safe pose while you are full of activity. It also offers sufficient lumbar support, and this means that you won’t have issues with your back after hours of doing your chores.

Change your expectations

High expectations of achieving a lot in a day can mess with your mental health. Many mothers usually feel aggravated at the end of the day after seeing how little they have accomplished when it comes to tasks; however, the healthiest way of responding to changes in your life is changing your expectations. Make a decision that particular work will not be done on a regular basis like they use to be done. It is not a must to make tidying and cleaning up a priority as it was before.

Simplify tasks and multitask

Rather than doing all work all at once, try to divide it into smaller jobs. Small jobs right through every day can be more sensible than getting an hour or so to have the work done. Also, try associating one chore with another; for instance, you can clean your bathroom sink while taking a shower. You can also fold laundry while talking on the phone.

Use your time wisely

Time management is very important since you manage all the tasks. You are able to care for yourself, the baby, your family, plus the house. If you manage time wisely, you will never be weighed down by anything you need to do. Hurry up while baby naps. Infant’s sleep time is the most excellent time to catch up with your household tasks. You should take advantage of your toddler’s nap time.


Babywearing is the best way to spend time with your baby while cleaning your house at the same time. The majority of the infants love being held comfortably in a baby carrier and particularly if the mother moves around continuously. Babywearing, when carrying out errands around the home, is the greatest of two things: watching out your toddler and doing chores around the house. Various tasks can be done while carrying your toddler with a carrier. However, try to avoid some tasks due to safety concerns. You should as well avoid using any strong cleaning products while carrying your toddler.


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