7 Splendid spaces with plants that welcome Spring

Since staying at home became a habit, our lives changed and we searched for new ways to decorate our dreamy homes. We wanted to be closer to nature that’s why plants gained more and more of our attention. So, check out 7 Splendid spaces with plants that welcome Spring:

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1. Good morning!

Let’s start with the room that dictates our mornings – the dining space or kitchen where we serve breakfast. Let’s make this space a dreamy garden with floating plants and different pots in different sizes and imagine we start our day in the garden with a good cup of coffee.

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2. The cute kitchen

Every empty spot of your kitchen space can be filled with a cute plant. These natural deco elements are the trendiest things you can choose right now for your kitchen and they look just dreamy on shelves, on your counter top or even on your fridge.

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3. Creative arrangement

If you don’t have a lot of space in a room of your home, but you want a lot of plants, just hang them! Add a wood on top of your dining area and hang floating plants from it. The whole table setup will look amazing and you will feel like being in the nature.

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4. Nature inspiration desk

If you like nature a lot maybe you will get more inspired while working. So, add floating shelves on top of your home office and fill them with plants. Also, surround your desk with plants in different sizes. You will love the nature inspired result!

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5. Off to bed!

The air your breath in your home becomes way better when having plants. And because we want the best air in our bedroom, you should fill this room with a lot of plants. Surround your bed with them – add them on top, around or on your nightstand. It will feel like sleeping in an enchanted forest.

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6. Seems like nature 

Combine plants with nature inspired elements like a rattan bed for the perfect nature inspired room. These elements are trending right now and are the perfect match for all your plants.

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7. Time for floating plants

Floating plants are always an elements of surprise for a home and they look amazing in any room, even in the bathroom. So fill upper shelves with floating plants for a home inspired by “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

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