7 Romantic bedrooms for the most romantic month of the year

Pastels, roses, retro vibes, elegant touches and a dreamy look can describe best a romantic bedroom. So get your bedrooms ready for February and discover 7 romantic bedrooms for the most romantic month of the year:

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1. Neutral shades

Neutrals are trending this year making any space looking super calm and nature inspired. Bring a romantic vibe in your bedroom with dreamy vases, pampas details and three branches using only the relaxing neutrals.

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2. Relaxing look

Make you bedroom looking romantic and relaxing. For the relaxing part choose nature inspired furniture like a wooden bed or nightstand and even woven baskets and lams. As for the romantic part, decorate the wall on top of your bed with flowers, leaves and plants all hanged on the wall in a dreamy way.

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3. Neutral dream

Mix neutrals and pastels for a romantic and spring themed bedroom. Grey and beige work wonders with pastel pink or orange creating a beautiful bedroom where these shades used in framed pictures, vases and pillow cushions can really stand out.

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4. Nature’s touch

Surround your dreamy bedroom with green plants, especially floating ones hanged from the ceiling. Another dreamy way to do it is by surrounding a wall with floating leaves, fake or natural ones. For a more romantic vibe paint your bedroom walls in pink.

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5. Pastels love

Pastels always look super romantic! So, for a romantic bedroom that’s ready for spring, pair retro elements with bohemian ones and choose a pastel color palette. Don’t forget to add chic flowers and plants in this dreamy bedroom that screams romance.

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6. Retro inspiration

Get inspired by the retro times in creating the perfect romantic bedroom. Choose a vintage themes wallpaper with flowers and mix and match cotton with velvet for your bed pillow cushions.

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7. Dream away!

Choose a nostalgic and relaxing looking wallpaper that makes you dream. Pair it with neutral elements that will make it stand out. Also, add peonies or roses and the perfect elegant candles that will give a touch of romance to this dreamy interior.

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