11 Relaxing looking IKEA items we love in February

In the new year decorate your home with nature inspired and relaxing looking elements and items that can easily blend with a space that’s looks like part of the nature. So, check out 11 relaxing looking IKEA items we love in February:

1. The ethno looking cushion cover

The ethno vibes always look relaxing and this ANNAMETTE cushion cover will definitely bring those vibes into your home. Shop it here.

2. The storage box with lid

This cool KUGGIS storage box is an useful solution for any room of your home and it looks super chic when blended with calm looking nature elements. Buy it here.

3. The knitted throw

A cool chic throw is always a good idea for making your bed or sofa looking trendy, but a knitted one is super cozy and comfy. So, you will love this INGABRITTA throw you can find here.

4. The chic plant pot

Make your flowers looking always super pretty in chic pots, especially some that look super calm and relaxing. Shop this CHIAFROM plant pot right here.

5. The cool container

When we have a lot of items we look for cool containers to style them and to save storage space. This HULTARP container is a cool solution for your kitchen or bathroom space. Check it out here.

6.  The glam vase

Used as a vase or as a bottle for lemonade or water, this glam SAELLSKAPLIG pitcher will blend in great among calm elements, giving them a pop of color. Buy it here.

7. The lovely table lamp

This nature inspired and relaxing looking SNOEBYAR table lemn will look amazing on a nighstand or side table. You can shop it here.

8. The nature inspired kitchen cabinet

Wooden cabinets are back in style and if you want a relaxing and nature looking kitchen space can choose one like SINARP. Check it out here.

9. The nature inspired basket

Looking super relaxing and perfect for organizing your kitchen, living room or bedroom items this TAETING relaxing looking basket is a 2021 star. Buy it here.

10. The chic container

This container is perfect for a French or farmhouse kitchen space and it has that calm and chic twist to it. If you like it, purchase this HULTARP container here.

11. The calm looking lamp shade

Pastel blue looks always calm and makes you think about the sky or the sea. That’s why you will adore this LOKNAS lamp shade you can find here.

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