Documents You Need Before Buying Any Property

Property purchase is a stressful task at hand. It is not just limited to locating the best house. There are a lot of other technicalities which, if you do not tackle, can cause worry later on. 

However, this portion of your work can be minimized by a bit of tact shown beforehand. Compile all your documents so that you do not have to do any running around later on. Here we tell you all the documents you need before buying any property. 

Pay stubs

Pay stubs are proof of your income and a guarantee that you will repay any loans you take. Try to show at least 30 days of pay stubs as concrete proof that you are financially sound. It is possible that you may not have physical copies of these pay stubs. In that case, your HR should be able to give you digital copies gladly. 

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Employer contact information

The lending company would also want details of the company you are working for. A steady job is a prerequisite for getting a loan, and paperwork is most essential. Prepare a contact list in which you can document details of your employment. Mention the names of your employers, former bosses, and HR representatives for references.

Tax documents 

Include a minimum of two years of tax returns and W2’s as part of your paperwork. The longer the history of prompt tax payments, the higher are the chances of your being able to pay the loan on time. In case your income has changed over the last one or two years, there may be a need to give further documentation.

Bank statements 

Obviously, without a solid bank statement, you are not getting that money. Mostly the lenders want detail of how much money entered and left your account. In most cases, if you provide 30 to 60 days of transactions, that should do your job. 

Debt information

If you have any existing loan in your name, you will have to provide details of that as well. This could include student loans, mortgages, car payments, and credit card debts. Make sure the statements are updated, so the lenders get a clear picture of your financial status.

Additional income

In case you have any other income source like Social security payments, pension, dividend, bonuses, and bonds and securities, do not forget to mention them. Though they may not require so much information, by giving it, you are making things easier.


Finding a property and completing the paperwork before buying it are two separate things. You may think that just by shortlisting the home, your job is over. However, the actual task starts only after you have shortlisted the property. 

Make a list of the above documents, so you do not have to run around from pillar to post. Mostly if you have arranged all your documents correctly, the process of purchase of the property becomes quite streamlined.

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