9 Cozy and boho bedroom spaces for 2021

Get cozy in the new year with fabulous bohemian bedrooms. Natural inspiration, love for plants and neural color scheme, that’s what you will find in these bedrooms that have made us still love the boho looks! Yes, they are still trending this year. So, check out 9 cozy and boho bedroom spaces for 2021:

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1. Ray of light

The light of a sunny day in a bohemian inspired bedroom is pure magic! Therefor, surround your bed with oversized floor plants and floating ones and also make them fabulous with golden details. Moreover, make your bedroom cozy with neutral pillows, sheets and covers and fun printed pillow cushions.

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2. Nature inspiration

Pick nature inspired furniture for your bedroom space. Surround your bed with floating plants and textile decorations and mix and match woven elements and different fabrics for a cozy space full of personality.

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3. Romantic accents

Make a romantic boho bedroom where girly and happy shades as pink, orange or yellow as the main colors accents. Also, mix and match your plants with romantic flowers and candles and you will adore this dreamy bohemian bedroom.

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4. A touch of elegance

A bohemian bedroom can also be elegant. Mix and match bohemian elements with a sophisticated yet nature inspired lamp, choose elegant velvet pillows and add retro inspired furniture and painting in this lovely space.

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5. In the nature

This bohemian bedroom looks like its part from nature. So, choose tiny home trees and tree branches for your bedroom and mix them with fresh flowers and green plants. Choose also books, abstract art and other dreamy elements to personalize this dreamy and neutral space.

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6. The Earthy color scheme

And Earthy colors scheme and pastels are great color choices for a bohemian inspired bedroom. So, choose pillows cushions, art, furniture and rugs in these gorgeous shades.

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7. Fabric mix

A cozy and bohemian bedroom needs a great pattern mix with velvet, wool, knitted elements and any other fabrics you can think of. You can also play with graphic prints and art in a spacial shelf or a gallery wall.

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8. Plants and ruffles

Ruffles, furry pillows and oversized pillows, candles and magic lights are some of the elements we love the most in a bohemian bedroom. So, choose your favorite boho elements and play a mix and match deco game.

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9. Ethno feeling

A bohemian bedroom can have lots of ethno inspired elements. Hanged ethno and woven elements, plates, pottery details and rugs are some of this season top favorites so think about them when decorating your boho bedroom.

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