6 French Farmhouse spaces that will charm you this year

Inspired by the chic villas in France and the American farmhouse style, the French Farmhouse style has that specific charm to it without being too much. It’s simple, yet sophisticated, it’s modern, yet traditional, but moreover, look super relaxing. So, as this style is gaining more and more popularity, check out 6 French Farmhouse spaces  that will charm you this year:

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1. A relaxing day at home

Mix traditional furniture in sophisticated shades with nature inspired deco elements and farmhouse inspired pieces. For a French twist to this calm looking decor add small glam deco elements that will definitely make this space more charming.

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2. The new, the old, the French

Mix modern elements with vintage pieces to recreate a glam and trendy French style. Choose pastels and make it more farmhouse chic by choosing elements inspired by nature like tree branches, woven deco elements and, of course, some green plants or fresh flowers.

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3. The calm looking bathroom

Mix a vintage vanity with a retro round mirror and make this dreamy bathroom like like its part of nature with oversized green plants and tree branches. Don’t forget some vintage inspired art pieces and farmhouse lamps.

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4. The French farmhouse office

This kind of office is super elegant and relaxing focusing on a vintage and cozy working area, a retro inspired bookcase and a farmhouse style chandelier. All this pieces together will create an elegant space where you can can enjoy working.

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5. The dreamy kitchen

If you want a dreamy kitchen where all the pretty pieces get the chance to shine then you need to choose the charming French farmhouse style. Mix and match your favorite plants, mugs or vases with dreamy flowers, plants and elegant pieces like candlesticks or even paintings.

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6. Dine in a chic way

For a relaxing dining space mix wooden benches and vintage or elegant inspired chairs around a wooden table. Make this space super charming and French farmhouse inspired with a vintage chandelier, a lot of green plants, tree branches and wooden pieces of decor added all over the place.

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