6 Dreamy bathroom oasis for a relaxing start of the New Year

Start your year by making your bathroom looking like the perfect oasis. You will feel like being in the nature and this space will feel more relaxing than ever. Check out 6 Dreamy bathroom oasis for a relaxing start of the New Year:

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1. Home Spa

This idea is perfect for a large bathtub that you can transform in your own spa area. Surround the dreamy bathtub with candles and oversized plants. Also, make wooden shelves on top of it and fill them with a lot of floating plants.

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2. Magic moments

Magic lights, candles and lots of plants! What more do you need for a relaxing time in your bathroom where you can read a book or enjoy a glass of wine. Sounds lovely, right?

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3. Lemons and plants

Make everything feel more like being part of nature and besides having lots of plants in your bathroom space take advantage of the fruit benefits. That been said you should have a bath with lemon or orange slices and also choose lemon trees for this dreamy space.

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4. Minimal style

You will have a minimal and cool bathroom if you choose only the bathroom essentials and a lot of green plants. Green and white is the perfect palette for this space along with black steel details and cool bathroom products.

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5. Plant lover

This cool idea is perfect for a retro inspired bathroom and a plant lover. So, hang from the ceiling all your favorite plants and make the perfect bathroom roof that will make you feel closer to nature.

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6. Romantic bath time

A romantic bath at candlelight sounds amazing so you should take some free time for it. Also, choose a wooden shelf for your bathtub to store all the essentials and also books and surround this dreamy space with floating plants.

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