5 Easy tips on improving your work from home setup

Working from home can sometimes mean being less productive or not as focused as being at work. But, you can prove otherwise by taking advantage of some easy tricks. Check out 5 Easy tips on improving your work from home setup:

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1. Add nature inspired elements and make sure you get natural light

When we work, we tend to think a lot about being outside or travelling in relaxing spaces. That’s why bringing nature inside your work environment can improve your productivity. Think of oversized exotic plants and nature inspired furniture and deco elements that can surround your work and home computer. Even a dreamy woven chair will do the trick!

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2. Reduce distracting noises

Working from home makes it more hard to concentrate. That’s why you need to reduce the distracting noises that surround you. For that invest in some technical and dreamy looking headphones that will become your biggest ally even at home. This way anything that happens outside will be ignored and you can focus more on your work and gain more productivity.

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3. Add a gallery wall or some colors that you enjoy

Being surrounded by things we love will make us more creative, while being surrounded by colors will make us happy and optimistic. Personalize your office space with things you love, define and inspire you and don’t forget about happy colors or shades you love.

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4. Make a to do list

If you’re finding it hard being organized and productive at home start your day with a coffee and a  “to do” list. Pick a cute notebook or organizer and write down everyday the things you have to do that day for work. Don’t leave anything for tomorrow, stay focused and competitive even at home!

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5. Add a creative board

Working and reading or seeing things gives you a lot of ideas and improves your productivity and imagination. So, make a mood board with your ideas, favorite quotes and sayings. They will motivate you and be useful when you’re searching for new ideas at work.

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