8 Dreamy ways to (re)decorate your home with a small budget

New year new home or just your old home with a new sparkle or style, even with a small budget or no money at all. We teach you in what to invest a small sum of money or just repurpose some old elements for a trendy home in 2021. Check out 8 Dreamy ways to (re)decorate your home with a small budget:

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1. Paint your walls

Buy a can of a trendy shade of paint. In 2021 the optimistic colors, the elegant or dark shades are the coolest ones you can choose. Use the paint to make your a room or your whole home look different. And also, paint the whole room with it, accent walls are not cool anymore!

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2. Pick new pillow cushions

Make your pillows look different with new cool pillow cushions. Choose elegant or neutral ones or just go with a print that will match nature or the warm season that’s soon to come. Then, add them on your bed or sofa and give a new look to these areas of your home.

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3. Make a gallery wall

Using pictures you have of your loves ones, pieces of memories, post cards and cuts from a magazines or by printing pictures you love you can create a gorgeous gallery wall. Frames aren’t that expensive and you can even mix and match different frame styles for an eclectic and creative look.

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4. Add small decor accents

Personalize and style any corner of your home with cool mirrors, frames, candles,magic  lights and small deco items. Search for them in the sale season that’s now and make your home looking like in a magazine with just a small budget. Don’t forget to choose the ones that look the most expensive or artistic, avoid cheap looking ones.

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5. Choose dreamy plants

Plants are not that expensive and they grow fast to become a tropical statement in your home. Also, you can borrow baby plants from your friends and family and grow them, this way you won’t need to spend any money or plants. Moreover, they will bring fresh air and health benefits for you and your home.

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6. Reuse bottles to make elegant candle holders

Gin, wine or whiskey bottles are super creative and elegant so why not use them as vases or as candle holders. They will make your table setup look more romantic or like a chic bistro. Repurpose as many as you wish!

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7. Make your favorite magazines and books really shine

If you own hard cover books and cool magazines add them on your coffee table or on cool spots of your home and make them as cool as any other deco elements. Moreover, your guests can browse better through them this way.

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8. Reuse old dishes and pottery as deco elements

Pottery vases and bowls are back in style and so are other vintage deco elements your parent or grandparent have and you can borrow so that you can make them shine and repurpose them. So, choose the ones that go with the style of your home and add them on a coffee table, side table, bookcase or any corner you love in your home.

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