5 Home decor Netflix shows to watch in 2021

New Year, new home decor projects! We say hello to 2021 with Home decor Netflix shows you should watch to get motivated in decluttering your home, keeping only the essentials, organizing it and making your home truly dreamy. So, check out 5 Home decor Netflix shows to watch in 2021:

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1. The Minimalists – Less is Now

Spending more time at home in 2020, we figured out that we want a clutter free and relaxing home with our essentials and the things that really make us happy. ”The Minimalist – Less is Now” is an inspiring documentary that shows you how to live in a clutter free home that makes you smile only by having less things.

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2. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Speaking of things that make you happy, Marie Kongo has a great way of getting rid of your useless things – take them one by one and see which items of your home really spark joy. Only those are the ones you should keep. Also, she has great organising skills for every room and section of your home, making every space count and become more efficient.

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3. Get Organized with The Home Edit

Another way of organising things (but this time homes that are not that crowded) is doing it The Home Edit Way. This show features two talented women and their assistants going in celebrity and normal people homes and organizing them by using the Home Edit Products (like boxes) and organizing everything with labels or by a rainbow color scheme. Super dreamy and useful, gives you instantly the mood of organizing your home.

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4. Interior Design Masters

This Reality show features talented aspiring interior designers working in teams and separate in creating trendy spaces. Each episode has a different theme and challenges to take on decorating – like a showroom home, a store, a salon, a hotel and at the end only one wins the big price. Great to binge watch!

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5. Dream Home Makeover

This dreamy show features different home decor projects that need to shine or look more modern. Different rooms and different room styles are being transformed by two professionals in amazing spaces that are trending right now. A great source of inspiration for decorating your home with the help of Studio McGee!

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