7 Tips For Perfect Landscape Lighting On Your Property

If you’ve got a beautiful backyard or a perfectly manicured garden, you can take it from being a standard outdoor space with basic lighting to a special outdoor space just by introducing the perfect landscape lighting. However, planning the lighting for your backyard can be overwhelming. 

Because not all outdoor lighting is created equal, it takes more than just putting up outdoor lights to create an ambiance that perfectly suits your property. To get the perfect landscape lighting for your home, you’ll have to consider the various types of fixtures, consider the kind of lighting you need, and plan on the spaces you’d want to highlight.  

Landscape lighting is a great way to enhance your landscape and bring more attention to the areas you choose to light. Learn how you can get the most from your lighting investment with these simple landscape lighting tips. 

In this article, there are seven tips for perfect landscape lighting on your property. 


  1. Consider The Spots For Lighting  

You may need a printed layout to decide which spots of your landscape requires lighting. Start by identifying those spots on your yard. It could be a pond in your garden or a beautiful sculpture. Lighting up these pieces will not only highlight them at night, but will also help give a certain vibe to your property. For beautiful lighting options, check companies like Oregon Outdoor Lighting.

As the play of light and dark can help you highlight features of your yard, you may make use of simple plants or even just a stone wall to create shadows and contrast with outdoor lighting. Adding lighting to simple elements not only creates drama, it also makes the area look more alive and beautiful at night.  

There are several different outdoor lighting techniques to choose from, as seen in this video , so be sure to pick the right technique for your specific landscape. You also have a lot of flexibility with outdoor lighting. You can adjust outdoor lighting and vary the length of fixtures so that they give off different levels of light.

2.Adjustable Fixtures  

When choosing landscape lighting for your property, make sure to choose adjustable fixtures that can be moved from one spot to another. This will give you flexibility in designing.  

Before you buy fixtures, it may be a good idea to take measurements of the spaces you’d want to install them in so that you don’t buy pieces that are too large or small. To choose lighting for your patio or porch, as a rule of thumb, choose lighting that’s one-third the height of the door.  

If there are several areas in your garden landscape that need lighting, go for the installation of different types of fixtures that allow you to adjust the amount of light that falls over a particular area. This way, you can get creative and arrange to cast a shadow or create a soft beam for mood lighting.  

3. Lighting That Matches With Your Home Décor  

When you choose to light your property, consider the indoors as well as your garden landscape. Your landscape lighting should ideally blend in seamlessly with the décor of your home. Consider how patios, gardens, and pathways look from inside your house. Consider adding landscape lighting to your garden or pathways that can be seen from your living room. This will give a vast view of the outdoor areas, including the ones you fenced in for your privacy.  

When choosing landscape lighting for your garden, consider the types of trees you have, the color of the foliage, and the natural shapes and forms you’d like to highlight. Your landscape lighting should be able to blend in seamlessly with your garden landscape. To achieve that, you may choose lighting that adds to or detracts from the outside light. For example, if your landscape is curved or arched, you may consider lights that curve downward or are curved upward toward the sky.  

To create a dramatic effect, you may choose fixtures that create shadows like recessed lighting or accent lights. For large spaces, you may consider using floodlights. To choose the perfect landscape lighting for your property, make sure to consider fixtures that complement the light without being too striking or bright.  

4. Good Quality Lighting  

When choosing outdoor lighting for your home, consider buying high-quality lighting that’s durable. Because outdoor lighting is often susceptible to damage due to harsh weather conditions, it’s essential to choose weatherproof lighting so that your landscape lighting doesn’t wear out easily. Your lighting should have a rating above IP44 to be weatherproof.  

To ensure that your outdoor lighting lasts long, you may consider occasional maintenance by cleaning them once in a while and checking if they’re working well. If you’re looking for minimal maintenance and hassle-free lighting, you may consider upgrading to solar lights. Solar garden lights require minimal to no maintenance and can last you for years.  

5. Energy-efficient Lighting  

Outdoor landscape lighting can be very inexpensive, so you can get the most out of your money. Choose only the best landscape lighting for your needs. Look for energy-efficient lights that will give you a brighter light and save you money on your power bill. Be certain that the lights you choose are suitable for your climate and landscape type. If you do your homework before you shop, you will find great deals on all sorts of lights. 

Solar lighting is especially economical and eco-friendly if you’re looking for energy-efficient outdoor lighting options. Because solar lights charge by themselves and don’t require fossil fuel, you don’t only end up reducing your carbon footprint, but also your electricity bill.  

6. Mood Lighting For Guest Entertainment  

If you often use your outdoor space for guest entertainment, then consider soft, ambient lighting for your landscape. Consider outdoor lanterns or subtle string lights to create a soft glow. This type of lighting is ideal for alfresco dining spots or a cozy bonfire spot on your backyard. You may add a dimmer to your mood lighting so that you can use a softer light while relaxing and still keep the light bright enough as your guests come in.  

You may use layered accent lighting around plants and rocks to create a soft vibe. Using soft lights on trees can help subtly highlight shape. If you have a body of water, consider using delicate lights to enhance the natural flow of water. 

To create a relaxing atmosphere, add accent lighting to shrubs and plants. Because soft lighting helps maximize your sense of relaxation, illuminate areas you often use for unwinding.  

7. Security  

One of the most important features of landscape lighting is that, along with making your home look beautiful, it also provides security. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the entry points to your home well-lit. Make sure to have a light fixture near your garage door.  Also, ensure that you have spotlights installed on your doors, windows, and garages for better security.  

Lighting Your Landscape  

Since there are several lighting options available in the market and many ways to achieve great landscape lighting, finding something that works perfectly for you can be a bit confusing.  

Here are some landscape lighting effects that may help you decide what would work well for your property.  

  • Up-Lighting: Up-lighting is often used as an accent to highlight architectural detailing. It can also be used to light up dark staircases or entertainment spaces. 
  • Silhouetting: This type of lighting is ideal for creating dramatic effects.  
  • Moonlighting: Moonlighting is effective for lighting large trees on your yard. Here, the light source is placed high up on the tree, and the light is aimed down. This creates a beautiful and impressive effect.  
  • Grazing: Grazing helps create a dramatic light and shadow play and is ideal if you want to take advantage of the irregular textures or patterns on walls. This type of lighting creates an elegant effect and is often seen in restaurants. 


For a long time now, landscape lighting has been an essential part of every home environment; it helps to accent and illuminate your outdoors. The landscape lighting available today is varied and can come in a range of different styles and prices. Choosing the right kind of landscape lighting is important, especially if you live in an area where there are low levels of sunlight throughout the year. Many homeowners also choose to use the landscape lights in the evenings for added security and safety and to lighten up the garden. 

Another thing that you might like to consider when choosing landscape lighting is the overall effect and the impression that lighting will have in your home. Your landscape lighting should blend seamlessly with your home décor.  To do this, you may add lights that complement the ones outside.

A well-lit outdoor space can also enhance the curb appeal of a house as well as improve the appearance of the gardens. If you choose the right kind of outdoor lighting fixture, it will not only give you value for your money, but also a beautiful home.

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