5 Stylish Led lights to choose for your bedroom

Neon light are making a bold statement in your bedroom, making it flirty, unique, colorful and full of personality. From quotes to mirror lights, choose your favorite neon light for this dreamy room. To help you out, here are 5 stylish led lights to choose for your bedroom:

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1. Write your neon story on top of the bed

Writing a cute saying, a bold statement or your favorite quote on top of your bed is a cool and popular idea for your bedroom. Mix and match the color of the neon lights with your bed pillows, covers and deco elements or just choose a colorful one in an all neutral bedroom.

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2. Make a neon wall

This cool idea is perfect for a modern loft or a Californian chic inspired bedroom. Choose an empty wall or a wall next to your bed and decorate it with a smart quote that defines you!

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3. Personalize a bedroom corner

Any bedroom corner will look more trendy and will definitely stand out with some cool neon lights quotes or shapes. Pair these dreamy neon lights with cool deco elements, flowers and candles and get the perfect personalized bedroom space.

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4. Surround your bed with color changing neon lights

Color changing neon lights are super fun for a bedroom space. You can have any mood whenever you want, a passional red one, a modern blue one or a trendy pink one, just have fun with your favorite neon colors all overs this dreamy and intimate space.

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5. The floor mirror

Mirrors with led lights are super popular right now, whether we are talking about a tiny vanity one or a big floor mirror. They will remind you of the professional ones used in make-up room and they will help you have the perfect beauty ritual or makeover.

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