6 Gorgeous bedroom home offices that will make you productive this season

Because this year we worked from home more than ever, we need to have that perfect space for a home office. And since the living room is perfect for hanging out and socializing with friends, let’s make a corner of our bedroom, not matter how small it is a practical office space. Check out 6 gorgeous bedroom home offices that will make you productive this season:

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1. Winter wonderland

Because we are talking about the cold season, a winter themed cold or neutral color palette will do the trick for your bedroom home office. And if you want some color, add a lot of tiny green plants around the space – besides colors they bring a lot of benefits to a room.

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2. Retro moments

This home office is ideal for a vintage or glam inspired bedroom space. It’s super classy and it’s full of memories and interesting pieces that will provoke your creativity and increase your work flow. That’s why you can choose a cool board with grills and add on it any image that can inspire you in your day to day work.

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3. Elegant mood

This classy idea is perfect for a small bedroom. You can make space next to the window to have a view or closed curtains when you want to. Add a small desk that’s just enough for your laptop and decorate the space with a cool lamp, flowers and just a few decor elements. The minimal, the better!

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4. Cool & colorful

To divide better the office area in your home, paint this zone in a calm and elegant shade that matches the sheets, pillow or color accents of your bedroom. Choose a versatile desk and chair and add floating storage solutions for extra space and decorate them with cool pieces.

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5. Art deco bedroom

The art deco style is super popular this year and so you can paint geometric shapes in a neutral color scheme in front of your bedroom office space. This corner with look even cooler and can match nicely a retro or glam bedroom with round shapes, that are super stylish right now. Also, keep a neutral color scheme that matches the wall painting when choosing your desk decor elements.

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6. For the love of art

Some minimal pieces of furniture can become an amazing bedroom office if you make them stand out with a pop of color. So, make a neutral chair and desk stand out with a colorful pillow, lamp or some framed art or pictures that inspire you.

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