Top 7 Things to Remember When Dressing Up Your Kid for Halloween

Though Halloween is fun, you need to ensure that everyone in the house is safe. Children of all people, love to dress up for the celebration. It is also great seeing them move from door-to-door doing their thing. However, before you dress up your little ones for Halloween, there are things you must have in mind. Here is a list of what you to have in mind to keep everyone safe during Halloween.

1. Make Use of Flame Resistant Materials

Due to the nature of the celebration, your child is going to spend a lot of time near lanterns, candles, and other sorts of decorative flames. Nylon and polyester are both great because they are flame-resistant. Each time you are dressing up kids for Halloween, be sure to look out for the flame-resistant labels.

It is much safer to pick costumes made from a single layer of heavier material than the flimsy, layered, frilly costumes. We suggest you shop for these products online because they are easy to find, and you will also increase the chances of landing great deals.

2. Have Clothes Under the Costume

Having clothes under the costumes will help your kids stay warm when it gets chilly outside, but that is not all. It is also much safer since the kids will be playing with toys, and most of them lack fire safety features. Thus, you want to take the right measures and ensure that your child is perfectly safe throughout the Halloween celebration.

When doing some online shopping for the right costume for your little ones, choose ones that can be easily worn with clothes beneath them. For instance, the kids should wear woolen jumpers or tights so that even when they catch fire, there is still one more layer between the costume and your child’s skin.

3. You Don’t Need the Capes

Many people like to use their voucher codes to buy capes for Halloween, but they don’t have to. These items might look great, but they might pose severe hazards to both kids and adults. To make it worse, they are highly likely to cause strangulation risks.

Therefore, besides capes, during Halloween, you want to avoid costumes that are tight around the throat, including sashes and codes that tie around the child’s neck. Their throats should be left free so that they can breathe easily even when the fun gets intense.

4. Check Out the Labels on Face Paints

Face paints for kids are virtually everywhere during Halloween, but before you buy them, be sure to go through the labels. Check to ascertain that they are FDA approved. To do this, you want to look for the CE mark, and the packaging should have information about ingredients displayed clearly in English.

Just because the paint is marked ‘non-toxic’ does not mean it will be entirely safe on your baby’s skin. You are encouraged to conduct all sorts of allergy tests before using the face paint on your child’s face. To ensure there is no skin irritation, be sure to clear the face paints before your child goes to bed.

5. Don’t Just Use Any mask

It is vital to ensure that the mask fits perfectly on your child’s face. At the same time, it should be both comfortable and steady enough so that it doesn’t fall. The eye holes should be spacious enough to let your child see easily. Your child should also be able to breathe easily with the mask on. Also, when using your coupon code to purchase the mask, look for the CE mark. Regardless of how well the mask is designed, your child must not have them on when walking along busy roads.

6. Remember The Shoes

This is not the perfect time for your little angel to put on high heels. These ones should be left at home and give her sturdy shoes that let her do anything she wants without tripping. On the same note, you must know that all shoes that are sold alongside the costumes are not meant for outdoor use.

During the celebration, your child must only wear shoes that fit properly and have a perfect grip. This will keep them from tripping and falling. Since they will be doing a lot of walking at night, you must give them shoes that are as comfortable as possible.

7. Always Be There

Use your online coupons to shop for bright and light-colored costumes whenever possible. When your little ones are heading out trick-or-treating, they should have glow sticks that reveal their location at all times. The sticks will also help motorists spot the children when walking in the dark. You will also be able to keep an eye on them and ensure that they are safe at all times. Note that unless you keep an eye on the children, they might get hurt or lost without your knowledge.

The Bottom Line

When shopping, be sure to avoid too big or too tight costumes because your child won’t be able to have them on for too long. Too big Halloween costume for kids might also make them trip and fall. Children love Halloween because it happens to be extremely fun. However, don’t be too busy for them. If you are there, they will feel safe and protected. The tips above will help you pick the right costumes for your children, especially when shopping online and enjoying great deals using your coupon code from VogaCloset Discount Code. Also, teach your children to stop, drop, and roll if they catch fire.

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

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