Get Cool: 5 Solutions to Uneven Distribution of Cool Air in Your Home

Your home is a place where you should feel comfortable regardless of the circumstances. This also applies to extreme weather conditions, such as very low temperatures in winter and the summer heat.

However, sometimes the house doesn’t turn out to be a shelter from the weather – it happens, for instance, when the air distribution in your home is uneven. It can be specifically problematic in the summer when you want to cool down by using air conditioning.

What are the solutions to apply when such a situation happens in your home? Below, we present five tips to consider when you experience uneven cool air distribution in your home.

1. Change Your AC Work Mode

When you buy an air-conditioning unit, it usually doesn’t require a lot of configuration at the start. Most users simply put it into an automatic mode and forget about adjusting other settings.

However, the automatic mode may not be convenient in all cases. That’s why sometimes it’s enough to switch the AC work mode from the ‘auto’ one to simply ‘on.’ You will be sure that the system is working and the air will be cooled down.

Of course, it may not be enough in some situations. Sometimes the AC is simply faulty, and if this is the case, it would be best to contact a specialist – for example,, or take advantage of the warranty.

2. Look For Air Leaks in the AC

Sometimes the reason why the air is not adequately cooled down is a leak in the air conditioning system. It is likely to occur in the ductwork system within the AC. It is a system that is used to distribute the air into the interior.

If the ductwork system is leaking, it is more than likely that the cool air will simply leak through it, and consequently, less air will get properly distributed outside. When you detect an air leak in your ductwork system, it’s advisable to contact a licensed service in order to get it fixed – with such leaks, the AC system won’t work properly.

3. Consider Changing Your Diffuser

A diffuser is a unit in the air conditioning system that is used to redirect the air into different locations, so that the whole room, not just a part of it, gets cooled down properly.

There are different types of diffusers, depending on the number of locations they direct the air to. You may choose a nozzle diffuser, a 3-way diffuser, or a 6-way diffuser.

A nozzle diffuser usually directs the air to two different locations. 3-way and 6-way diffusers, accordingly, spread the cool air between three or six directions.

If you have a nozzle or a 3-way diffuser, the number of locations the cool air is spread between may not be enough for your needs. That’s why changing your diffuser may be a good idea.

4.   Go for a Zoning System

An AC zoning system may be a costly solution, but it is a way to ensure that your home gets adequately cooled down. This system usually requires mounting outside the house so that every room gets an equal amount of cool air.

If you think of installing such a system, it’s best to ask for professional help – the cost of the work will probably depend on your home’s surface area, the number of rooms you want to install the AC for, and the quality of the devices.

A zoning system can be a great solution for bigger houses, where one AC distributor is not enough. It’s also a useful solution for businesses, restaurants, and shops.

5. Check the Doors and Windows

Sometimes the reason for uneven cool air distribution is not a faulty AC system, but some faults in the house construction and equipment. One of them concerns cracks and leaks in the doors and windows.

When the door and windows are leaky, hot air can easily get in during the summer. Because of this, you might wrongly surmise that your air con isn’t working correctly. The solution is to check your doors and windows and make repairs if necessary.

Cracks and leaks are common, especially in older buildings that have not been appropriately isolated, but they can typically be fixed without much effort.


Uneven cool air distribution in your home might be a problematic issue, especially if you live in a location where the number of hot days in a year is significant. Nevertheless, there are some ways to resolve this problem and diagnose its causes.

Before exchanging or re-installing the whole AC system, simply check if there are no leaks, if the AC distribution system works properly, if the device is adjusted correctly, and – finally – take a look around, as the cause may concern leaks in doors and windows. You may also install a zoning system or improve your diffuser’s capacity in order to get more fresh cool air in your home.

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