7 Real Questions to Ask when Hiring a Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry is filled with a lot of agents. For a seller that isn’t going down the FSBO route, hiring an agent can be a daunting task.  A key aspect of hiring an agent is the interview, and a key part of the interview is the questions you have to ask the real estate agent. 

This article will set forth 7 real questions you can ask when hiring a real estate agent. 

7 Questions to Ask

There are a number of questions to ask, questions that will get you closer to understanding which agent is best for you and which one is not. 

How Long Have You Been a Real Estate Agent?

This is one of the foremost questions to ask, as it helps you put a gauge on just how experienced the real estate agent is. Generally, an experienced real estate agent is better, especially if you are purchasing property or selling one for the first time. 

An experienced real estate agent is also likely to have built up valuable connections that can facilitate buying or selling of properties. They will also most likely have patterns to their work that helps to cut to the chase and get a lot of things done in the shortest possible time. 

Are You a Full-Time or a Part-Time Agent?

It is also important to find out just how much time your prospective agents have, and how much of that they will be able to devote to your property. A full-time agent will typically have more time than a part time agent, but beware that they may have more work as a result. 

Are you a Listing Agent or a Buyer’s Agent?

Picking an agent who specialises in either buying or selling has it’s advantages, but so does picking an agent who operates in both specialties. An agent who specialises has a more intricate knowledge of the demands of their roles, be it buying or selling. 

On the other hand, an agent that works on both sides of the divide is able to understand both sides and advise clients accordingly. 

Are You a Licensed Real Estate Agent?

It is also important to know if the prospective real estate agent is licensed or not. This saves you from having to work with scammers and unlicensed agents. 

You can also check the license status of the agent by visiting the State Department of Real Estate to find out. 

Can I get some of your References?

References are a key part of the typical CV, and they play a key role here too. It is very important to be able to get in contact with people who have had dealings with the real estate agent.  They are able to give you accurate information about the agent, so if an agent doesn’t have a reference list or the agent gets defensive or evasive, it is a red flag. 

Do you Operate in my Area?

Having an agent who has a good knowledge of the area you’re in is always a bonus. They understand the dynamics of the area, the price property sells for there, what the potential buyers want, who the potential buyers are, etc. 

Will I Communicate and Work With You, or a Team?

It can be unnerving to get passed to an assistant if you prefer dealing with the real estate agent directly. This is why it is crucial that you ask this question and spell out intentionally how you want to be treated. 

Be sure to ask about the workload and busyness of the real estate agent, what they delegate and what they don’t. 

In Conclusion

Hiring an agent is something that should be taken with as much seriousness as possible, and you shouldn’t just pick an agent without thoroughly vetting them. 

You can also compare real estate agents to find out who is best for you.

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