Which Roof Is Better: Double Or Quad Roof?

Comparative overview If you are just starting a project of your home with the help of Tornado Roofing, which you have long dreamed of, the first question that will arise will sound as follows: Which roof is better – double or quad roof on such parameters as reliability, efficiency, practicality?

Resistance to atmospheric phenomena and loads Four-piece roof is characterized by greater structural strength and high resistance to extreme loads. For Russian latitudes, especially the north – this is an ideal option. On the other hand, a four-piece roof has a large heat output, and therefore for snowy regions, it needs additional insulation. That is why experienced designers and architects know that to be guided by only one choice of one form of roof because of the budget is not enough. Everything must be tied into one solid logical unit: the appearance of the roof, the layout, the ability to use the underlay space as a residential, preferred roofing material, design, complexity of the device and even color.

Architectural traditions and new trends

And now consider both roofs from the aesthetic side. Double roof for many centuries decorated with attic windows, casings and weather vane, and even luxurious, especially in recent times. But the four-piece roof implies a more minimalist design, and an excess of roofing elements on it looks ridiculous. In other words, the gable roof – an architectural classic for private homes. In addition, for the eyes of people such a roof is more familiar, because this is where they built for centuries. Therefore, even today, most projects of country houses and cottages are made with gable roof. The end of such roofs usually ends with a vertical brick wall, with a triangular shape and cornice. That is, such a pediment only remotely resembles the ends of gable roofs of the past centuries, but the form remains at home familiar to many.

Subtlety of design and account of the adjacent area

You will be interested to know that in the construction world of the four-piece roof – a clear indicator of the balance of the project. If the contour of such a roof is a closed rectangle, and the edges of the slopes converge at one point – it is true proof that the house was built perfectly right shape. While the gable roof of any of this can not show, and quite a few flaws will not be visible to an inexperienced eye. Are you ordering a turnkey house? Then it makes sense to stop at the hip roof or tent roof. Another interesting point: the water from the gable roof is diverted only in two directions – from the slopes, when the four-piece roof it flows down in four directions at once. This point is crucial for the layout of the adjacent area. If you want to make a large entrance area right next to the house, with garden lights, gazebos and landscaping elements, then, of course, more rationally put a gable roof, because in the Russian area with a lot of snow and rainfall gutters can not fully protect the space under the roof near the house.

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