10 Home deco tricks I’ve learned from the new IKEA 2021 catalogue

With each new IKEA catalogue we learn home deco hacks that help us create a dreamy and practical home. After browsing through the new catalogue, I found 10 useful hacks that I think you will definitely love. Therefore, check out 10 home deco tricks I’ve learned from the new IKEA 2021 catalogue:

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1. Choose a multifunctional wire rack for you hallway

I got to admit this is my favorite deco idea from all the catalogue. It’s easy to do and it’s super practical, especially for your entryway or hallway space, making everything super organized and easy to see. So, on this cool rack you can add bills, notes, papers, keys, memories, glasses and anything you tend to misplace when coming back home or going out.

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2. Woven chairs look good even in the cold season

Give your summer themed decorations and furniture a cozy vibe, perfect for the cold season. Decorate your favorite woven chairs with covers, pillows and cool ethno blankets and mix them with other nature inspired deco elements and a lot of green plants.

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3. The best way to organize a kitchen is: A cart + farmhouse storage solutions + upper shelves

The farmhouse vibe for a kitchen space is super popular right now and this style’s storage ideas are fun and trendy. So, for your kichen space choose a cool cart (where you can keep ingredients); cool storage boxes (for fruits, vegetables and different small kitchen items) and upper shelves where you can display pretty dishes, glasses and containers.

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4. Organizing tiny deco elements can look even way more dreamy

As I’ve learned from Marie Kondo, everything has to be super organized everywhere and such items as boxes or trays really help. IKEA has a lot of cool storage solutions, so make sure you organize all of your tiny items in a dreamy way. You will see them better this way and this idea is a great styling challenge you can take on!

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5. Anything can serve as a bed frame so get creative!

When choosing your bed you can think outside the box solutions for your bed frame. From gorgeous room dividers to oversized paintings and canvas, anything can serve as a bed frame, so it’s you time to get creative and see what matches best the style of your bedroom space.

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6. A bedroom should only be one thing – relaxing!

In the last season more and more people understand the purpose of the bedroom and see that this room has to be as minimal as possible, full of calm looking elements and with the bed being the main star of the room. That’s why you can choose gorgeous woven lamps for this space, white curtains and other nature inspired deco elements like woven baskets and green plants.

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7. Add secret book shelves all around your home

Whether we are talking about the books you love to read before you go to bed (bedroom), cooking books (kitchen) or books you’ve read, are planning to read and collecting (living room), add tiny hidden shelves around your home without making everything looking too crowded. And if you have a neutral home, turn the books around (with the pages facing the exterior), everything will look more calm and organized.

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8. You should make the most out of a tiny working space

You can make a home office in any kind of space, it doesn’t matter how tiny it is. So choose a small desk and chair you can hide whenever you want and decorate your office with upper storage, using a cool metallic board or shelves.

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9. Round mirrors are cool and can be added anywhere and anyhow

I love this unusual idea to add an oval mirror in an horizontal way, making it possible in any kind of space. Pair it with cool black lights that match the frame and make this the perfect decoration for your vanity or bathroom space.

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10. Gold is still a thing and these golden shelves are everything!

Add at least one dreamy golden element in your home. I love this golden shelf seen in the new IKEA catalogue and the thing I love the most about it is that you can add it horizontally or vertically, creating a shape that’s practical and pretty for your home. And you can even use it as a nightstand. How cool is that?

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