Our 6 Top Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for a Cosy and Comfortable Winter

As the summer months come to an end, and the nights start to draw in, we should start to prepare our homes for the cold and sometimes extreme weather conditions that winter can bring with it. By making a few changes to your home, you can transform your living space and make for a much more comfortable, warmer, and cosy place to enjoy the winter months.

From heavy rainfall, to strong storms and freezing temperatures, we can never be too sure what winter has in store for us. But by following our top tips, you can rest assured that your home is prepared for every eventuality. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Inspect All Windows and Doors

As temperatures begin to dip, nobody wants to feel cold and chilly in their own home. So, we recommend that you take the time to inspect all the windows and doors in your house to identify anything that could be letting in cold air. It is essential that your windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent any heat loss.  You should be on the lookout for any draughts both on the inside and outside, as they might need replacing.

Failure to replace draughty windows will only make the problem worse once the cold weather hits and will cost you money in wasted energy. You should consider investing in double glazing as this will provide additional warmth and comfort, while drowning out any background noise from the street.

Check the Roof

When it comes to house maintenance, many of us neglect to regularly check the condition of our roof, but this is one of the most important parts of your house. You should always be on the lookout for any damage to your roof, such as missing or loose roof tiles.

While roofs are designed to withstand bad weather conditions and to keep the rain out, they can become displaced and damaged over time. Not checking the condition of your roof regularly may lead to more serious and costly damage further down the line.

Clear Your Gutters

The winter season takes it tolls on our home’s drains and gutters, and it is very easy for moss, leaves, and water to collect which can damage your drainage system and cause blockages. Any cracks or damages that you find in your pipes and gutters will only be made worse once the winter months arrive and it is under more pressure. Clogged gutters prevent effective drainage and can cause household leaks.

Check Your Boiler

The boilers in our homes tend to get neglected during the summer months, as the temperatures are high enough to keep us heated and warm inside. However, many of us find that this causes problems when we attempt to use the heater again once it starts to go cold.

Therefore, we recommend that you check your boiler in preparation for the colder season. If you notice any problems or issues with your boiler, then you may want to replace your boiler before the cold temperatures arrive to save you spending any time in the cold.

Many people are worried about replacing their boiler as they are worried about the installation cost of a new boiler. But contacting an expert company, like boilercentral.com will help you to know what to expect. Also, they will be able to assist you with the different options available. From the Combi Boiler cost to a boiler replacement cost, they have something for everyone. This will then allow you to make the right decision to suit your needs. Remember that investing in a new boiler could save you money in the future.

Add Some Cosy Soft Furnishings

Even the smallest of changes to your home can make a huge difference to how cosy and comfortable you will feel during winter. For example, adding a fleece rug to your living room or bedroom floor can help to make the living space look more stylish and create a warmer environment.

Similarly, you could introduce a few pillows and throws to your living room to create a welcoming and cosy feel to the space. This can transform a room on a dark and cold winter’s night and take your comfort to the next level.

Bleed Your Radiators

We recommend that you take the time to go around your house and bleed the radiators in all the rooms to ensure that you are getting as much heat from them as possible. While this can be a boring chore that you find yourself always putting off, it is essential if you want to keep your house warm during the winter.

The winter season doesn’t have to be cold and wet; by implementing some of our top tips, you can get settled and relax ready for a cosy and warm winter ahead.

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

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