Are You Getting Solar Panel Installation? Your Solar Panel Style Guide

If you’ve invested in a beautiful home, the idea of sticking unsightly black rectangles along your roof might not be appealing. After all, every solar panel looks the same, right?

But if you’re one of the 2 million homeowners switching to solar, you have far more options than you think. Take a look at these stylish options for your solar panel installation.

Finding Your Solar Panel Style

When you see a home with solar panels, the first thing you think is: that person cares about the environment. Solar panel installation isn’t cheap so the homeowner was willing to make a sacrifice for the greater good.

As an added bonus, you also get tax credits and save on your energy bill. But there’s a lurking barrier for many people when it comes to adding solar panels to their homes. This barrier is style. Solar panels aren’t known for being pretty.

Even if it’ll save a homeowner hundreds of dollars per month they might not be able to get over poor aesthetics. So what is the solution to choosing a solar panel style that fits the architecture of your home?

Find the latest solar panel styles that are least noticeable from the ground and that blend into your roof.

What Types of Solar Panel Designs Are There?

Solar panel designs are relatively similar in their construction. Since most homeowners seeking solar are more focused on function, the performance of the solar panel is the manufacturer’s top priority.

Still, even the slightest differences in solar panel design can make a big difference. Choose from the following styles to make your solar panel installation look more attractive.

Wireless Full Black Panels

One solar panel style that is also a top-performing design is a full black panel that comes wire-free. The panels appear smooth black and almost flat against your roof. The black frame of the solar panel also has a black backing. It’s one of the least noticeable designs on the market. Try this style on modern homes or any house with a dark-colored roof for a futuristic look.

Buying black on black solar panels will be more expensive than popular designs but it’s worth it if you’ve invested a lot in your home and want to maintain its beauty. You’ll also find that since style is such a low priority, the higher price tag actually means the solar panels are more efficient than cheaper models.

Wired Full Black Panels

Sticking with a black on black motif, wired full black panels are your next best option. There’s no obvious wire grid on the panels making them more attractive than traditional models. Most people won’t be able to view the wired portions of the solar panels from the street. But many panels in this category are also less heat resistant than other models.

This affects the panel’s performance and energy efficiency. If looks are a top priority, you can get decent performance out of this panel design for less money than the black on black styles.

Wireless White Frame

Another great wireless solar panel design is black panels framed in white. Since there’s no obvious wiring, the panels still appear sleek despite the contrast between black and white. The white backing actually creates a thin-lined square instead of a rectangle. These symmetrical squares are reminiscent of modern art instead of a piece of machinery on your roof.

It’s a pricey design style because the wireless capability makes it one of the top models available when it comes to energy efficiency. Talk to your local solar company to see whether wireless white frame panels are available in your area.

Silver Framed Panels

When most people think of solar panels, they think of the old school, tacky wired silver frame versions. These panels are noticeable from just about any angle on the ground level of your home because the silver reflects the sunlight.

These panels can’t be installed flush to the roof making them look like a protrusion rather than an amenity for your home. The waffle grid looks rarely blends into a roof. But many homeowners care more about value than what looks impressive. This traditional model comes at the best price for the energy efficiency it provides.

If you can get past the outdated look of silver framed panels, they are a solid option for your solar panel installation.

What About Operation?

Yes, style matters but before you commit thousands of dollars into the prettiest solar panels you can find, you’ll need a basic understanding of how they operate. Common solar panels contain monocrystalline polycrystalline and thin film.

There are pros and cons to choosing these three types.


If you want the most efficient option available on the market, choose monocrystalline. They give you the best power yield of all the major types. But you will pay a premium cost to have this panels made from this material.


Polycrystalline solar panels are far more cost-effective. They have a relatively broad temperature range and are less efficient than the mono versions.

Thin Film

If you want something lightweight, opt for thin-film solar panels. They aren’t the most efficient option but are a viable solution for homeowners on a tight budget.

Solar Panel Installation Cost

Your solar panel installation cost will vary based on the time it takes to install your selected design. Narrow down your options based on whether or not the style is one of your priorities.

You can save a lot of money focusing on functionality over aesthetics. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.

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