8 Practical and dreamy kitchen spaces from IKEA 2021 catalogue

When we think about the kitchen, we search for a practical space with dreamy elements that will make us enjoy our time there, learning new recipes and loving our daily waking up routine or regular lunch. We, searched for the new trends and  new cool kitchens, so check out 7 practical and dreamy kitchen spaces from IKEA 2021 catalogue:

1. Looks like nature

Go green and choose a dreamy kitchen with green tiles and green plants. Match this nature inspired color with neutral deco elements and add also chic pink dishes. Also, make this space more practical with a cool bar cart in the same shade.

2. The dark kitchen

Dark spaces are still cool and they work wonders in the cold season. But, this time, observe how the dark parts of this kitchen are toned down with neutral deco elements that bring balance and a calm vibe to this space. Also, the black bar card blends in nicely with the dark industrial and cool elements of this practical space.

3. True elegance

This is my favorite kitchen space from the new IKEA catalogue. I love the pink and burgundy combo that shows fall in an elegant way. Also, the golden handles, the woven lamp and the pottery elements are the trendy and dreamy elements that really define this space.

4. Neutral feeling

This kitchen space is super creative and practical and focuses on a dreamy nature inspiration. So, choose calm pastels and neutrals for your kitchen space and bring it closer to nature with green plants. And since the neutral trend is super calm and nature inspired decorate this space with woven elements and a chic rug.

5. All white

An all white kitchen? Yes please!  Make it winter themed with tree branches and emphasize on its calm and relaxing vibe with neutral or white deco elements and an elegant curtain. Note that a kitchen can look more chic and classy with a curtain, so go for it!

6. Practical and industrial

This kitchen space is super practical and also a cheap option if you are on a strict budget or you are looking to save money. So, choose industrial shelves instead of cabinets and personalize this space with deco items, containers, green plants and other industrial elements like cool lamps.

7. All grey

This kitchen is super masculine, industrial and looks clean, organized and calm. So, choose the winter themed grey as the main color and personalize this dreamy space with industrial shelves, lamps and with green plants.

8. The cool effect

This organized and practical kitchen space is perfect for people who have a lot of kitchen elements and love to cook and spend a lot of time in this room. So, pair neutral cabinets with cute open shelves, add the pretties dishes and containers on these shelves. Also, decorate this dreamy kitchen with a lot of dreamy plants and cool lights.

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