5 Tiny kitchen island ideas for the perfect kitchen space

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen and you love cooking you have to have a kitchen island. And even a tiny or small kitchen can have one. So, check out 5 tiny kitchen island ideas for the perfect kitchen space:

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1. Super practical

A bar to have a quick snack and also a good kitchen island for cooking and preparing meals? Well, this idea is just great! So, add a tiny and stylish bar in your small kitchen that will serve also as a great kitchen island, a place to eat or even a good storage solution. Moreover, choose a marble effect to make it more chic.

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2. Double purpose

Transform half of the space used for kitchen cabinets into a dreamy kitchen island. This way the kitchen island will serve as a cool cabinet for storage but also as an extra table. So, you can even add cool stools next to it and transform it into the perfect hanging spot or a great space to eat. Also, make this space super stylish with retro lamps.

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3. Vacation twist

Do you have a dreamy and tiny vacation home, then make a perfect kitchen island and enjoy the moments spend there. Create a wooden kitchen island that also looks like a bar or a shelf, like part or a country chic living room. Use it for cooking, preparing meals, storage or even a cute and rustic home bar.

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4. Farmhouse vibe

This idea for a tiny kitchen is super cool and also stylish and it works great in a Scandinavian or farmhouse kitchen space. So choose a tiny and tall wooden table and use it as a cool bar or kitchen island. Add also cool bar stools next to it and decorate this dreamy space with nature inspired elements.

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5. French dream

I love this French and farmhouse inspired small kitchen. And the tiny kitchen island in the middle of the room gives charm and functionality to the space. So, choose a wooden kitchen island for this tiny space and decorate it with field flowers, farmhouse deco elements and a cute wooden tall bench or some bar stools made out of wood.

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