7 Elegant design ideas for a sophisticated summer

Do you want your summer to be different and more special? Then, try a sophisticated approach with elegant touches, chic elements and a modern look. Check out 7 elegant design ideas for a sophisticated summer:

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1. Velvet moments

A velvet sofa will instantly transform a room into a sophisticated one. To make the room even more special choose an art deco inspired chandelier, golden mirrors and also take an interest in art. Surround all your living room with paintings and framed pictures that really make you think, inspire you or bring joy into your life.

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2. Reading corner

Prepare a sophisticated reading corner made around you favorite arm chair, if you pick a velvet one that’s even better! Surround it with summer retro themed pictures, a vintage lamp and a gorgeous golden vintage mirror.

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3. Elegant vibe

The perfect pillows make a huge difference in a bedroom space. So, get inspired by chic boutique hotels when decorating your bedroom. Choose a mix of velvet, stripes and white pillows and match them with retro lamps and framed pictures.

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4. Dark vs neutrals

When designing your kitchen space choose pink and burgundy paired with golden handles. This sophisticated combo looks super elegant. For a relaxed vibe and more light in the space choose neutrals and nature inspired furniture. Also, celebrate summer and add in a chic vase your favorite flowers.

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5.  Relaxing times

In a bedroom space less in more and also pastels are always a good sophisticated twist for the summer season. So, choose pastels and elegant shades for your bedroom, match them with subtle prints, tiny plants and calm looking paper lamps.

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6. In an aristocratic way

Imagine you’re living in a retro novel and decorate a corner of your bedroom with a vintage inspired chair and cabinet that reminds you of aristocrats. Also, because details are everything, choose retro inspired lamps, perfume bottles, vases and mirrors anything that can create a dreamy summer story with a touch or romance.

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7. A pink state of mind

When you think of a sophisticated design pink is a great idea. So, think of pink velvet or pink decor pieces and let them stand out through white, neutral elements and golden details. Also, if you want prints think of pastel abstract art or floral prints, they will look amazing!

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