10 Chic and dreamy cactuses to choose for your home

Cactuses or cacti, are so cute and often easy maintenance that they can often become collectibles. So you can go with a statement one for your home decor or just start your own collection of tiny cactuses. To help you out here are 10 chic and dreamy cactuses to choose for your home:

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1. The Saguaro cactus or the tall cactus for home

The tall cactuses are a statement piece for any Californian chic or bohemian home. They look amazing and can transform a corner of your home into an exotic space full or personality. They need little water to survive and also a dry climate.

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2. The Grafted cactuses called also the colorful cactuses 

These tiny cactuses are a full load of joy and color and can represent a pop of color in a basic room. They will also look great in an eclectic or artsy space and together they will create an amazing collection to look at. The majority of them don’t like a direct sunlight and also prefer a dry soil.

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3. The barrel cactus

Such a cutie! The barrel cactus is great for versatile, minimal and Scandinavian spaces, making any themed corner really chic. It does great when it faces a sunny window and a temperature that’s not extremely hot.

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4. Zebra cactus

Looking as chic and tropical as a zebra this stylish cactus will captures the attention in any corner you add it in. Mix it with even more green plants and create a home jungle that’s perfect for the summer season. They need more water in summer than in winter and they prefer sitting in a dried soil.

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5. Echeveria

The Echeveria cactuses are a nature’s beauty. They have different colors like green, pink or purple and they look like the kind of flowers you add on cakes. These beauties look amazing in different cactus arrangements that can make any home super dreamy. But all beauties have their own cost, they need a warm environment during winter and the perfect dried soil to last.

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6. Angel wings cactus called also Bunny ears

Doesn’t this cactus look simply amazing? It also has a beautiful name and can become the center piece of your office space, bookcase or coffee table. It’s perfect for a beginner owner of plants and needs a sunny space with low humidity.

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7. Rat tail cactus

This medium size cactus with a funny shape is great for any kind of home. As, for its conditions, the Rat tail cactus needs bright light and a dry soil. So, do consider this original and creative cactus for a room full of personality.

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8. Little jewel cactus

This cactus does look like a home decor jewel. Add it in pairs or mix it with any kind of tiny cactus and place them in a Scandinavian, minimal or Californian home decor. Make sure you keep it in a dry soil and add it in bright light.

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9. Dancing bone

Isn’t this cactus fun? It looks really creative and can become that original piece that a home corner really needs. To keep is safe place it in a space with indirect sun light and water it regularly.

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10. Star cactus

Love stars and astrology? Then, this tiny cactus is just perfect for you. This miracle of nature needs water occasionally and also it really needs a moist soil to live well.

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