8 Tips to Keep Your Above Ground Pools Clean

There are very few things as fun and joyful as swimming in a pool with your friends and family under the hot sun of the summer. When the pool lies in your backyard the pleasures have no bounds.

However, not everyone can get an in-ground pool because of its price and lack of space in their backyard. In that case, an above ground pool can help you enjoy the benefits of swimming during the summer.

If you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in your house, it’s also your responsibility to keep it clean and safe to use you and your loved ones. Knowing how to keep your pool clean is vital if you want to avoid any expensive maintenance in the future.

Tips to Keep an Above Ground Pool Clean

As time passes, the pool you own will start to get dirty If you are not cleaning the pool properly, the water will start to get green and cloudy, thus making it impossible to use. That’s why you must keep it clean and clear of debris.

However, as a beginner, you may find it challenging to clean it in the right way. The following tips will help you keep your above ground pool clean and healthy for regular use.

Install a Good Pump & Filter

The water in your pool must be circulated every day to keep debris and harmful chemicals away. That’s why you must opt for a good filter and pump. The pump can circulate the water and run it through a filter to make sure the pool water is clean and safe to swim in. Without proper circulation of water, your pool may be left with a possibly unsafe condition for swimming.

To ensure proper circulation, don’t forget to keep the pump on for at least 12 hours every day.

Clean Your Pool’s Interior Regularly

Regular cleaning of the pool’s interior is a must if you want to avoid an accident or keep everyone safe from dirt. Besides, if you don’t clean it regularly, the debris can make the wall and floor slippery and cause a serious accident.

To avoid such situations, clean the walls and surface with a brush and natural cleaner. You can also use some pool vacuum or robotic cleaner that will make your job easier and keep the tank cleaner.

Do proper research before you purchase a cleaner for your swimming pool. Also, go through some of the reviews by the experts such as Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review to get the best one for you.

Conduct Regular Test of The Water

Factors like weather, chemical, frequency of use of the pool, etc. can have an impact on the water’s condition. To care for the condition of the water, you need to learn about those impacts.

Don’t forget to test the water regularly to make sure it’s clean and safe to use. Use a test strip to check the pH level, as well as to find out if the chemicals are working properly.

Maintain The Balance of Pool Water

Apart from keeping the water clean, you should also maintain the chemical level of it. If you have already checked the level, it’s time to keep them in balance.

There are three types of chemical balances that need to be maintained.

Alkaline Level

Keeping the alkalinity level in the correct range is crucial to avoid spikes in the pH level. The ideal range for alkalinity should be 100 to 150 ppm.

pH Level

Always keep the pH level between 7.4 and 7.6. Going below or above this range may require a pH increaser or reducer.

Chlorine Level

To maintain a healthy and sanitized pool, you should keep the chlorine level between 2 to 4 ppm. Upon checking the level, you need to decide if you should add more chlorine or not.

Shock The Water

Shocking or super-chlorination of water involves adding a concentrated amount of chlorine to eliminate the chloramine in your pool. The shock treatment is particularly needed if the pool isn’t well-maintained for a long time or when you are using the pool very frequently. Besides, unnatural additives from shampoos, suntan, or sunblock lotions can generate harmful bacteria that can be destroyed by shocking the water.

Depending on how much you use your pool, you may have to give the shock treatment once a week.

Sanitize The Water

If shocking the water seems like an expensive option, you can easily avoid it by regularly sanitizing your water. While this process also requires adding chlorine, you will need a very little amount of it.

One of the safest ways to sanitize the pool water is to use chlorine tablets. These tablets are compressed and don’t dissolve immediately into water. Instead, they slowly release a small amount of chlorine to the pool, thus ensuring a long-lasting chlorine treatment.

Keep The Filter Clean

Since the filter is keeping the pool water safe from dirt and small debris, eventually the filter will fill up with the dirt and debris. In that case, it won’t be able to keep the water clean.

You need to check the pressure gauge regularly to see if you need to clean the filter. Always check the instructions while cleaning since the cleaning process may differ depending on their brands.

If the filter is filled with too much debris and chemical particles, you may need to replace it with a new one.

Winterize The Pool

Do you use your above ground pool occasionally? Then you have to winterize it after each swimming season.

First, you need to clean the pool thoroughly and remove all the equipment. Don’t forget to clean them as well. Also, run the filter for at least one hour before you disconnect the motor and pump.

Add a winter chemical kit to keep the pool maintained when you won’t be using it. Don’t drain the pool completely to avoid damages caused by hydrostatic pressure.

Once you’re done, cover the pool so that no external debris can affect the pool’s chemical balance.

While a swimming pool in your backyard can add a lot of fun in your life, a dirty one can do just the opposite. Lack of proper maintenance can make the pool a cesspool of debris and germs that will not only make it look awful but also affect your health and safety. Cleaning and maintaining a healthy pool can seem like a lot of work, but you can simplify it by following a proper schedule and following the tips we have provided. If you clean it regularly, keep the optimum chemical balance, you can enjoy safe swimming in the clear sparkling blue waters of your swimming pool.

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