8 Stylish Boho outdoor terraces

It’s terrace time and if you want to make it more fun, colorful or closer to the look of nature choose the dreamy boho style. Dream, get creative and don’t forget that sky is the limit when designing the perfect bohemian themed outdoor terrace. Here are 8 stylish boho outdoor terraces:

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1. Exotic and colorful

Dream of the chic Californian desert or a chic festival and paint your dreamy terrace in a cute pastel shade such as pink. Decorate it with exotic plants and choose colorful covers and pillows for the sitting area, especially the ones with printed ethno motifs.

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2. The dreamy tent 

Any garden or terrace, no matter how tiny it is can have a dreamy tent. Choose a dreamy white one and plan stylish photo sessions and home parties around it. Also surround your lovely tent with colorful chairs, printed pillows, covers and a lot of green plants.

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3. Boho & retro

For an artistic outdoor terrace pair the bohemian style with the retro one. Create a story on your terrace or just get inspired by a hotel room or a vintage shop. Pair retro chairs and dreamy comfy bohemian pillows and you will have the perfect relaxing area. Surround everything with classy room dividers with a vintage look and also bohemian inspired colorful small flags.

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4. In a vintage and boho way

Take the indoors outdoors and pick some vintage living room inspired furniture as your outdoor furniture. It’s exactly how they do it in photo shoots or video so why should’t you. Choose green or earthy tones because they are closer to nature and they will easily match your terrace. Also, if you want to make everything more chic add a dreamy white tent next to them.

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5. Touches of pink

Let’s think more Ibiza style and choose pastels for your lovely bohemian terrace. Pink, blue, lemon or soft green are just dreamy, fresh and calm which makes them perfect for a summer terrace. Match these colors with glam mirrors, chic curtains and stylish chair and enjoy everyday in this dreamy bohemian terrace.

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6. Comfy day

When we think of the outdoor space we think a lot about comfort. So, if you love lazy and bohemian summers add dreamy hammocks, comfy sofas and cute nature inspired tables and chairs everywhere. As the perfect deco touches choose oversized green plants and magic woven lamps.

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7. Desert look

Dream of the desert and make a simple and dreamy bohemian decor in your terrace. Choose floor sitting and add chic rugs everywhere. Also, decorate the space with relaxing rattan swings and different kinds of neutral and dreamy bohemian deco elements.

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8. Boho inspiration and neutrals

Dream of the retro years, from the decadent ’20 to the classy ’40 and get inspired by the lovely retro design. Match bohemian pieces with nature inspired elements and glam retro furniture and choose a relaxing and neutral color palette for this space.

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