8 Modern rustic bedroom ideas for a chic summer

Chic, calm and nature inspired, the modern rustic bedrooms are a summer’s joy, but also they make you ready for a nostalgic fall that’s next in line. So, here are some tips and tricks for a dreamy and trendy bedroom – check out 8 modern rustic bedroom ideas for a chic summer:

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1. Painted in rust

Rust and any stylish Earthy shade is a great idea for a modern rustic interior. Choose this dreamy shade for your sheets, covers and pillows an match it with a wooden or woven bed. To blend this dreamy shade perfectly mix it with green plants and golden or cooper decor elements.

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2. Calm weekend

Choose only neutral shades for your modern rustic bedroom and calm looking decor elements made from natural fabrics – this way everything will look super relaxing as a bedroom should do. As the main attractions for this room choose a woven lamp, some chic reed and a gorgeous woven bed frame.

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3. That cozy look

The perfect nature inspired combo and a great idea for a modern rustic interior is pairing brown and green. If you want a calm space choose light shades of these nature inspired colors and decorate your room also with framed line art, woven lamps and climbing green plants. Also, make everything super cozy by layering simple covers and pillows with printed ones.

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4. Let’s relax more

Choose a creative bed made from a nature inspired material like wood, rattan, stone or raffia. Get inspired by the design you see in hotels and keep everything super minimal. Choose a floating woven lamp and also decorate this space with some nature inspired nightstands and calm looking framed pictures.

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5. A neutral balance

A light neutral color scheme paired with white will be just wonderful for a modern rustic bedroom. Choose themed pictured for the space and frame them, decorate the room with a chic wooden ladder and choose a minimal bed frame made also from wood or rattan. Moreover, make this space comfy and cozy with knitted blankets, furry pillows and neutral rugs.

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6. Woven details

A whole bedroom all decorated with nature inspired elements seems and looks just like a beautiful dream. Choose a wooden canopy bed for this space and surround it with wooden tables, woven chairs and the dreamiest oversized woven lamps you can think of. To give this space a pop of color add green plants around this lovely furniture.

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7. In an esrthy way

This modern rustic idea is super cool for your bedroom. It has a Wabi Sabi look and has lots of earthy themed elements that add personality to this space. Add a floor bed, choose a wooden lamp that goes just on top of your bed, pick a chic cover with frills and decorate the space with themed elements.

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8. The perfect sleep

A great idea for a modern rustic bedroom is matching your bed with a dreamy swing and make that a relaxing nook in your bedroom. Frame nature inspired painting on top of your bed, choose neutral curtains and add nature inspired elements and also tree branches or green plants around the space.

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