7 Reasons Commercial Metal Roof Trumps Other Roofing Systems

Every business owner understands the importance of quality infrastructure. It is in their nature to explore, research, and make well-informed decisions. This is especially required when it comes to making a crucial decision like installing a new roofing system for their commercial building. 

The right roofing choice affects the building’s safety, reliability, and integrity. It also decides how much, or how little, will the roofing system demand financially in its lifetime. keeping all of this in mind, we have identified 6 key reasons that give metal roofs a competitive edge.  

1. Maximum Protection 

Your roof is the first line of defense against environmental forces. It must be made with the intent of shielding all housed personnel and withstand any windblown debris and unfriendly weather. Unfortunately, many roofing materials do not have the strength to withstand aggressive wind and temperature change. 

Metal roofs deliver on these expectations and combat harsh weather situations. They are well known to operate reliably in high-wind regions: they can handle winds up to 140 mph. They are also highly resistant to fire and easily combat rust, mildew, and mould.

2. Lifespan

Excellent durability leads to reliable longevity. Metal roofs do not experience extreme thermal expansion and contraction, making them even less likely to break, chip, crack, or become loose over time. 

Among all the roofing choices, metal roofing does really well is proving to be a long term investment. Metal roofs last between 40 to 60 plus years. Warranties for metal roofs go up 30 years and covers materials including panels, underlayment, and even paint finish.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs usually come up due to damages through weather conditions like snow and heavy rains. Given that metal roofs do not absorb water and easily shake off the snow, it keeps maintenance costs to a bare minimum. 

A crucial factor in keeping low maintenance costs depends on the quality of your metal roof installation. Inaccuracies in installation can lead to vulnerabilities. Ensure your hired commercial metal roofing contractors are experts and come with rich experience. 

4. Energy Savings During Summer

Metal roof surfaces have high solar reflectance and thermal emissivity. This allows them to reflect solar heat right back to the atmosphere and keep your environment cooler. Metal roofs are also known to keep their surface approximately 100-degree Fahrenheit cooler than any conventional roof.

5. Environment-friendly

Metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable. Retired metal roofs don’t end up in the discarded dumps like the Asphalt roof counterparts. Instead, they are reused to at least 25 percent of a newly constructed metal roof. This helps you reduce your carbon footprint and puts your business doing their part for the environment.

6. Customizations 

Metal roofs offer multiple colors and textures which allow you to choose the ones which suit the aesthetics of your building. They can also be coated to imitate textures of other roofing materials like wood and tiles. 

7. Return On Investment

Although metal roofs pinch your wallet more by paying $5 to $14 per square foot compared to the asphalt shingles price of $1 to $4.25 per square foot, they eventually help you save more.

Commercial metal roofs recover the pinch of rich pricing through saving your dollars with almost no maintenance, repair, or replacement costs. These savings are further multiplied with air conditioning cooling costs of about 40 percent reduced. 

A product at an effective price point and all the right features is a natural decision any business owner will gravitate towards. This is exactly what commercial metal roofs offer. Also, when it comes to the pool of competition, commercial metal roofs clearly take the lead due to its advantages.

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