6 Relaxing bathroom ideas that will give you a summer refresh

Let’s take a moment and relax in a dreamy and calm bathroom space that looks so good you won’t ever want to get out of the bathtub. Let your dreams go wild, clear your schedule and check out 6 relaxing bathroom ideas that will give you a summer refresh:

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1. Country chic vibes

A country chic inspired bathroom will bring a calm vibe into this dreamy space. Paint your bathtub in a classy color, choose a pastel color to paint your walls and surround the whole space with green plants and country chic inspired deco elements.

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2. Pink moments

What about a pink bathroom? It sure looks calm, doesn’t it? So paint your walls or cabinets in pink and add fabulous lamps in this space and also glam elements with golden accents. Choose also nature inspired items like a small ladder and also decorate this space with your favorite  flowers.

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3. Romantic look

A romantic looking bathroom will bring a relaxing and dreamy look in this space. Choose vintage inspired cabinets, a round mirror and mid century inspired lamps. Decorate the space with curtains, paintings, golden frames, romantic lamps and also with gorgeous flowers like roses.

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4. Modern and cozy

A mix between modern and vintage will look amazing for your bathroom space. As for the calm vibe, a nature inspired cabinet, mirror or ladder, cozy rugs and green plants will certainly do the trick!

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5. Colorful mood

An artsy and colorful bathroom will look super fresh and exotic, perfect for a lazy summer day spent at home. Paint your retro bathtub in a bold color and also choose a matching and classy color for your walls. Decorate the walls with paintings and framed artsy pictures and add also green exotic plants around this stylish space.

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6. Lazy scenario

Relax and spend a lot of time in your bathroom with the perfect bathtub moments. Choose a wooden tray and decorate it with candles, books, a glass of wine and your favorite bath products. Set the mood in the whole space with a nature feeling covering everything with green plants and a magic one – by picking a lot of candles.

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