5 Summer themed cabinets you will love this season

Make your home fun and summer themed by making a thematic corner around a lovely cabinet. Often the cabinet is the center piece of your living room or bedroom so decorate it in a fresh and dreamy way and also think of elements that scream: ”It’s summer”. Check out 5 Summer themed cabinets you will love this season:

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1. Summer bar

In the summer season we tend to throw more summer parties, so a home bar is a must have. You can at least think of a tiny one and decorate a rattan tray with your favorite drinks. Also, decorate this space with dreamy flowers, abstract art, fresh fruit and coffee table books – the ones with cocktail recipes will be very useful.

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2. Seaside time

A calm and themed summer picture like one with the relaxing sea will be the ideal center piece for a cabinet. Choose an image that often sticks in your head -it can be with a cool iconic pool or a beach you love and surround it with green plants or fresh flowers, a calm and elegant lamp and stylish decor pieces.

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3. Calm vibe

Choose a very calm vibe for this summer corner and match a light colored cabinet with neutral elements and nature inspired deco items. Choose you favorite summer flowers and add them in a minimal vase. Also, choose a nature inspired picture as the main element and make this corner as relaxing as you wish.

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4. Fresh moments

A summer corner has to be super fresh – an a bowl of fruits and some green plants or fresh flowers will certainly give this vibe to the space. Set a classy mood in this space with a sophisticated lamp, white candles and an elegant framed picture.

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5. Mid century and tropical

A mid century inspired cabinet looks amazing when decorated with elegant pieces and palm trees – a retro and modern look that can remind you of the chic Seventies. Besides making this space super exotic add also golden pieces, stylish candles and retro inspired elements. Pretty cool, right?

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