Home Improvement Tips for the Savvy Homeowner

Rethink your paint, install that swimming pool you’ve always wanted, play with different colors, and add in more art and decor. Home improvement can be as big or as small of a project as you desire.

Whether you’re looking to level up your curb appeal or simply update small details around the home, you’d be surprised at the dramatic outcome even a weekend project can have. Here are a few home improvements that’ll get you the most bang for your buck.

Buy more art or make your own.

Many homeowners tend to think more about the big picture as opposed to the small details. When it comes to art, you don’t have to be a gallery enthusiast to incorporate some artistic flourishes into your home. Often, homeowners are inclined to rethink their paint job. Painting an accent wall or rethinking the paint in your young children’s rooms can make an impact but so can some thoughtfully selected artwork.

One way to really inject your personality into your home is by creating your own art or buying some from a quality seller. Companies like Paint Loose make it easy to purchase existing artwork, acrylics, canvas, watercolors, and a painter’s palette. They also showcase DIY art projects that can provide you with some amazing inspiration. If you’re not a natural artist, video tutorials make it easier to create something that really has your personal touch. Plus, while you’re looking to improve your home’s decor, you might just pick up a new hobby as well.

Get ready for a pool party.

If you’ve always wanted a swimming pool, what better time than the present? Temperatures are getting higher and spending time in a crisp, refreshing pool could be just the thing you need to beat the heat. Of course, if you install a swimming pool, you need to think about pool safety, especially if you have young children. That’s where a pool fence or pool barrier can save the day. A pool fence encloses the pool area and increases the level of safety. Removable pool fences are especially popular these days.

An aluminum or mesh fence that can be removed helps you marry form and function. The fence sections of a pool safety fence are attached to poles and, if it’s a removable pool safety fence, these fence sections are what can be taken off. If you want a safe pool, look for a removable pool fence with a self-closing gate that comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s the best way to protect your investment in a safe pool.

Upgrade your home technology.

Pool barriers, new paint choices, and art are all great home improvement starts. Take it a step further by rethinking your technology. From smart bulbs to Bluetooth speakers, there are plenty of ways to give your home some more brains. Plus, if you find the right promos, you don’t even have to spend a massive sum of money on your smart home. Certain brands like Philips sell deluxe smart bulbs in multipacks but also sell individual bulbs for much lower prices. Likewise, companies like Amazon and Google occasionally offer free Nest Minis and Echo Dots if you subscribe to certain streaming services like YouTube Premium and Spotify.

There are hundreds of ways to go about home improvement. In most cases, you’re only limited by your imagination. Whether you decide to focus on your decor and interior design or want to invest in a mesh pool fence to make your home safer, don’t forget to put your personal touches on everything you do. That’s the key difference between a house and a home.

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

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