14 DIY Projects to give your bedroom a new look

Designing your bedroom doesn’t have to be an uphill task. With simple DIY projects, you can drastically reduce costs and give it a new look with these interesting concepts.

  1. Hanging Scroll Notepad

Organize your ideas with a hanging scroll-like notebook. It’s an easy DIY project that takes up like space and requires few items such as wood for the frame, and paper.

  1. Mirrors

Installing more mirrors into your bedroom uplifts its appearance, especially when placed in strategic places. Hanging a mirror or two against the wall can adequately reflect light and makes an old small space look more massive and bright.

  1. Mix Warm Paint Colors

Mixing warm colors with darker shades do wonders on your bedroom’s appearance. Blue, orange, lime, yellow all go well when combined. 

  1. Wallpaper

Wallpapers allow you to spice up the look of your room without committing. Flower petal designs, luscious colors, or intricate patterns are a great way to beautify your bedroom. When you’re bored, you can easily remove it and replace it with your preference.

  1. Pillows

Besides investing in a quality mattress, adding more pillows can make your bedroom appear full and cozy. More so, mixing up different colored pillowcases can blend and contrast well against your wall decor according to the color schemes utilized. Dark-colored cases such as blue, brown, and other dark hues go well against light-colored walls and vice versa. 

  1. Find Your Light Space

Ensure to utilize light effectively into your bedroom to give it a new look. Clearing up windows and allowing more natural light into the room is a good start. During the wee hours of the night, having a lovely dim night lamp can invigorate your bedroom. More so, consider swapping overhead ceiling lights for standing lights and wall sconces.

The beauty about these options is that they allow you to decorate to your preference. Coloring lamp shades of different colors is an excellent DIY project. All you need are paints, a brush, and a creative imagination.

  1. Color Scheme

Sticking to a suitable color scheme can affect your mood as well as blend your bedroom. Consider natural tones like eggshell white, soft yellow, beige, or peach. These colors increase the luminosity of natural light and create a beautiful space.

  1. Two-Toned Wall

Painting your bedroom in two tones alleviates the monotony of the same-colored walls. Strike up an interesting contrast by painting your wall in two tones- the top lighter and the bottom dark. For an outstanding coloration and sophisticated bedroom appearance.

  1. Paint the Ceiling

Covering your room from ‘head to toe’ creates a nice chic feeling by painting both ceiling and walls in a unison shade. When opting to paint your ceiling, you have two choices- light or dark. Metallic grey, pebble, turquoise, and navy blue are good colors. Mixing blends will only dissipate the look resulting in a chaotic vibe.

  1. Refinish Furniture

Search your bedroom for worn-out furniture. Old wooden drawers can be repainted with a fresh coat and turpentine. Faded fabric or leather on chairs can be sewn on with new material.

If the damage is extensive, consider taking a trip to the furniture store and replace your old furniture with new ones. You can invest in modern marble drawers- vintage chests or mahogany furniture for a natural look.

  1. Custom-Painted Cushion

Revamp your bedroom aesthetics by getting creative with your cushion colors. Mix a palette of primary colors and use your fingers to paint over the fabric. You can opt for simple dot patterns, hand or paw prints, or elaborate designs depending on your artistic skills.

  1. Carpets and Rugs

Placing a rug or carpet into your bedroom can boost its aesthetics. Fluffy rugs and wool carpets are ideal flooring options. With carpets, it’s okay for contrast with your bedroom color, as the clash creates a subtle distinction. Puffed and sisal rugs give you a cozy place to lay your feet. More so, they hold the bedroom together and center your floor, especially when placed near your bed.

  1. DIY Vases for House Plants

Placing a few house plants and flowers within your room creates a tranquil atmosphere. Aside from leaving your room looking lively, they also improve the quality of air. Chamomile and jasmine flowers are rich in fragrance and can enhance the quality of your sleep. Other plants to add into your bedroom include snake plant, lavender, ivy, heartleaf philodendron, and arrowhead plants. 

With clay, you can sculpt your very own vases and pots. You can opt for intricate patterns, paint, or even embed glass or glitter. For added effect, use gold or silver spray paint for extra shine. 

  1. Add a Canopy

A canopy falls seamlessly down your bed frame and gives it a beautiful, extravagant, and romantic vibe. Light colors such as white, rustic grey, and gold are stunning canopy colors that can reinvigorate your bedroom.


Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of delight by utilizing some of our mentioned tips. Amidst the variety of options to choose from, remember to mix and match ideas to your preference. 


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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