8 Easy ways to redecorate your home

There has never been a better time to appreciate the fact that we have a roof over our heads. If the quarantine has taught us anything, our home represents a safe and happy space. And the recurring thoughts of remodeling our homes, or moving into a new place, are keeping us awake at night.

As a remedy, we have begun to log on to online websites rather than visiting offline stores and trying to picture the perfect personal space. Unique online interior design platforms such as Spacejoy have consultation packages offering online interior design service at a small price. At the same time, platforms like Spacejoy also offer fresh design ideas that you can experience from the comfort of home.

So, whether you are thinking about moving in and starting fresh with new furniture, remodeling your space, or moving into a new space with your old furniture, here are eight easy ways to redecorate your home:

  1. Make a Pinterest Idea Board

Do you know where to start or what ideas you really like? Well, first things first – start browsing through Pinterest and make an ”Ideal home” board where you can pin anything that inspires you. You can also include moods or different kinds of pictures; any inspiration can help shape your home style. Another thing you can do is get specific and make a board for every room of your ideal home. Working with my friends in helping them design their homes, I discovered that a lot of them got a clearer vision after browsing through this website.

  1. Work with an Online Interior Designer 

Now that you have a clear idea about the style you are going for, get a professional designer to look into bringing this together cohesively. Online designers are an excellent solution to redecorating a new home. An online interior designer will help you organize your ideas into something practical and make little tweaks to improve your vision further. You don’t need a big budget for that. When picking between multiple online platforms, show your home to an online designer that will give you a lot of ideas, compare prices, and choose a platform with a good price and deal. A simple Spacejoy vs Havenly search will make you realise that Spacejoy has a smaller price point compared to Havenly. It features multiple designers that bring you various design options until you find the perfect one.

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  1. Play Around With Different Ideas

Talking about ideas, whether they are on a board or an online interior design platform, you have to try different ones to see which one works out best. For that, I recommend the online platforms that give you many ideas for your home until you finally approve one, I think it’s like playing a game. Practical and fun, right?

  1. Check Your Room Designs in ultra realistic 3D Renderings

There is nothing better than rendering to get a better idea of how the decor looks in your actuarial room. When comparing the 3D renders by Spacejoy vs Havenly, Spacejoy  has a 3D app using which they render an ultra realistic image of your room that’s been designed by their interior  designers. This gives one a better visual sense of the space in question. Websites such as Havenly however, bring you 2D plans that look like a Pinterest board to help you figure out your dream rooms better.

  1. Don’t Restrict Your Ideas to Only One Style

Is it hard to choose just one style? Well, no problem at all! An eclectic home will always look great and selecting a different style for each room of your home will be an idea that will help you not get bored with your home too easily. If you are conflicted between say Spacjoy and Havenly, you can further narrow down your search with the Spacejoy vs Havenly pros and cons checklist

  1. Search Through This Year’s Popular Trends

Another easy and smart way to redecorate your home is by looking through the new design ideas. Go with a new and retro mix for your home and try picking at least one new trend for your dreamy home. Check out this year’s trends here.

  1. Search for The Same Products in Different Places

Now that you have all the ideas in mind, it’s time to shop for furniture! If you got your ideas online with the help of the Spacejoy vs Havenly guide, these platforms could help you find the products you love online. However what sets Spacejoy apart is a deal-hatter that finds your favorite products online, all at the best price.

  1. Give a New Look to Your Old Furniture

If you already own a lot of furniture and don’t want to invest too much in a new one, try to remodel it! From a paint job, to cool wall stickers or other renovations can create a dreamy blend between modern and retro. If you turn to online platforms, you will also get help in this area. Several online platforms may choose to incorporate new pieces according to the style you already have. At the same time, Spacejoy will remodel existing furniture at no extra cost with cool 3-D ideas. When performing a Spacejoy vs Havenly services comparison, this exceptional remodeling service is a win for Spacejoy.


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