8 New home decor trends to follow in 2020

The new year and especially January is a very special month each time. It’s the month of new beginning and, of course, new trends that will dictate our options through out the year. So check out eight dreamy and new home deco trends to follow in 2020:

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1. Wooden cabinets

With a classy, mid century looking and also timeless style, wooden cabinets go great in a neutral or all white kitchen bringing a chic vibe. They also work wonders around golden elements and green details. Also, speaking of wood details, the new trendy kitchen utensils also go back in time, to the primitive era to be exact. Everything looks very crafty and creative making your kitchen look like a historical museum.

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2. The antique wall

This year we go yet a little bit more retro. If we went from pop culture, to artsy and cool framed pictures to abstract and line art, now it’s time for antiques to shine and bring us back to a more classical approach on art. So think of an elegant antique wall for your office space, living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom.

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3. Dark Green kitchen cabinets

Another cool trend you can pick for your kitchen space is dark kitchen cabinets, a colorful option full of class and style. For a glam look pair them with golden nobs and a marble counter and create a fun dinner party in this dreamy interior.

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4. ’80 Inspired furniture

We all remember the eccentric and over the top eighties where everything stood out. Well, the ’80 shapes with their big volume are back this year making a home really extravagant, artsy and creative. Think chunky and round shapes furniture and also all sorts of geometrical shapes that make an object look like a piece of art. Also, think about the cool Memphis design and its cool shapes that are making a huge comeback.

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5. The eighties color scheme

While in 2019 and still at the beginning of 2020 the calm and soft Seventies color palette is making a huge impact all around the home design world and Pinterest, in 2020 the bold and eccentric ’80 colors will be huge. Think of lemon yellow, fuchsia or electric blue, daring colors that will pop all around the room and that will make your home a contemporary art museum.



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6. Olive trees

Oversized trees are super dreamy and the star of any home. Also, they are trending more and more and will be also a huge deal in 2020. Therefore, this year get a more vacation inspired feeling and go for olive trees. Their Mediterranean vibe will make your home looking relaxing and calm, especially if you add them in a neutral pottery jar.

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7. Organic pottery

Back to origins and the love for handcraft, this year the pottery inspired vases and flower pots are a huge trend. The small ones look amazing on coffee tables and nightstands and the oversized ones make a corner of your home nature inspired and also the star of your home.

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8. Colorful marble

Colorful marble will be a trendy and gorgeous key option for your bathroom in 2020. We are in love with the pink marble that works wonders for a Spa themed and neutral bathroom space.

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