8 Adorable breakfast nooks you will love for your dreamy home

Start every day early with a wonderful breakfast. And for that you will need the dreamiest breakfast nook you can think of. So, from a glam one to a minimal nook, here are 8 adorable breakfast nooks you will love for your dreamy home:

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1. Glam moments

Make your breakfast nook around velvet chairs or a small velvet sofa. Choose green and you will think of the forest, choose blue and you will think of the dreamy ocean. In each case the vibe will be great for a dreamy breakfast in your home. Decorate this space with glam elements like a golden chandelier and also some nature inspired green plants.

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2. For the love of comfort

A Scandinavian inspired breakfast nook is always a relaxing idea to start the day. So think about classy chairs, a comfortable sitting area and a calm and neutral color palette. Add stylish plants around the space and also fun pillow and chic framed pictures or posters.

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3. Relaxing morning

If you wave a minimal and simple home, a classy and minimal inspired breakfast with a chic twist is just perfect for you. Choose a neutral color palette, emphasize on comfort and make you nook the perfect relaxing space to start the day. Choose also nature inspired elements and fresh flowers for the space.

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4. Moroccan chic

Care for an creative day? Then, make your breakfast nook Moroccan themed. Think of the dreamy elements the Moroccan culture has and mix soft colors with neutrals. Choose rattan and raffia elements, a lot of dreamy light and green plants.


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5. Pink love

Every kitchen should have its nook and you can also choose a fancy one in a the corner of your kitchen space. Choose trendy velvet chairs, a simple or marble table and finish up this space with a fancy chandelier.

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6. Riviera look

This breakfast nook idea is perfect for a summer themed home or a vacation place. You can also make a summer ritual and make everyday one with a special breakfast idea. Choose riviera chairs, nature inspired elements, summer themed framed pictures and lots of fresh flowers.

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7. Vacation vibes

Make you breakfast nook look like the outdoors and choose for this dreamy space oversized green plants and small home trees. As for the decor, think about abstract art and for the furniture and decor elements go with nature inspired elements to feel closer to nature.

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8. French approach

The dreamy white blue and brown combo is summer and vacation themed and also pretty classy. So, choose it for your breakfast nook and decorate the space with French inspired pictures, shabby elements and dreamy retro pieces, like a mirror.

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