Tips on Choosing and Arranging the Throw Pillows in your Apartment


One of the most fun and satisfying things to do after looking up and acquiring a new apartment at is designing its interior. While some people think of giving their attention first in either the bedroom or kitchen, the living room is also one of the essential things that should be focused on. This is because the living room is the first room your guests will see and where you’ll entertain them.

The living room is where your sofa and lounge chairs are located. While you might buy them together with their accents, a better way to complement them is by adding your selection of throw pillows. If you did your research, you’d know that there are a hundred ways for you to pick your throw pillows, not to mention the several styles you can arrange them in.

To help you with that, here are some of the styles that you can apply to your living room.

Pick an Anchor Color

In most cases, every room showcases a piece of furniture that sets the tone of the place. As an example, the kitchen has a countertop, the bedroom has a bed, and the living room has the sofa. If the certain furniture sets the color accent of the whole room, it is only natural for the other set pieces to complement but not outshine the centerpiece.

Imagine having a soft hue of blue as the color of your sofa. For a harmonious yet stylish living room, the other chairs should have a more delicate shade of blue with detailed prints on them. This would match the colors and furniture more cohesively and turn out more pleasing on the eye.

You can also do it with throw pillows. Try picking another hue of blue for your throw pillows. You can even try to be bolder with your colors. Just choose a throw pillow with a color that is directly opposite to the color of the sofa.

Number of Pillows

Choosing the right number of pillows for a piece of furniture can be a bit bothersome. You can put a small number of pillows, or you can overdo them. One thing you should always take note of, however, is to remember the space of your guests.

Putting one pillow on a chair is great and all, but it can be a bit lonesome for some of your guests. If you are thinking of putting in two, try having the other one a little bit larger than the other. For three pillows, you can put the other one on the opposite side of two pillows that are tucked with each other.

If your stylistic choice is bolder than usual, you can throw in four of them. You can put two on either side while facing each other. If you have two different patterns on your throw pillows, you can alternate them. Adding more of them may be a bit too much if you have a small apartment. This is especially true if you live in a crowded apartment, as it can be a bit suffocating.

Mixing Patterns

By mixing the colors and prints of your throw pillows, you can add more intrigue to your living room for your guests. One of the most chosen styles of prints is vignette. Its pattern is versatile, meaning it can be mixed in with other designs and still blend in pretty well.

You can then try mixing them with a graphic print and a few neutrals for a more balanced look. For the center pillow, you can put in a floral print that ties in all the colors. This style works best in big apartments that have a lot of space for the living room. As mentioned earlier, having too many patterns in a small area can make your living room a bit crowded, which can create unbalance.

Do Something Odd

If you have an apartment that only has a few furniture while still having a lot of space left, you can add in something eye-catching to your pillows. You can either play with colors like mentioned earlier or introduce a new shape to the bunch.

This variety will give the illusion of having ‘more’ in your living room. For example, if you have rectangular blue-hued throw pillows on your sofa, you can add in a red heart-shaped throw pillow on one of the couches.

This will add a zing to your living room. Playing with shapes and proportions is the key to adding more style to your living room, especially if you feel like your room is a little bit dull. Throwing a centerpiece that slightly contradicts the style and color of the whole scene adds fun to the eyes of your guests.

While throw pillows are only a small part of the whole room that it’s located in, you can still use them to your advantage. With a little bit of experimenting and following the tips you can find on the internet, you can use them to add atmosphere and style to your room of choice.

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

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