Selling A House As Is: Improving Your Marketing Skills and Getting Better Sales Online

Selling a house takes skill and patience. It is the reason why some homeowners hire real estate agents to do all the legwork. Especially when the estate of sale that was listed as “as is. This might be a convenient option if you want to earn profit as fast as possible, only if you are willing to pay other fees and commission from your real estate agent.

Fortunately, you can sell a property by yourself to a willing cash buyer, and all profits will be yours with no suitable cuts, especially if we need cash at this current crisis. However, the challenge in this strategy is how to convince buyers to purchase your property like a real estate agent.

Luckily we have some tips to improve your marketing skills and sell your property in no time even if you are are asking yourself how to sell my house fast while living out of state.


Selling your home means doing research and setting your expectations. Research possible buyers you may meet to get an idea of how you should present yourself as well as to determine window shoppers to legitimate investors.

Possible types of buyers include real estate investment groups, large companies, and cash buyers. Some may do transactions online, and some prefer setting up multiple house visits before proceeding to cash negotiations.

Doing research leaves investors and buyers an excellent lasting impression on you, allowing you to lead the conversation due to your in-depth knowledge and have a favorable bargain.


Problem Solving Approach

Your approach in selling your home for cash dictates if it’s a sale or a flop. At first glance, you may think that your job as a seller is to convince clients that this house is a must buy and an absolute need. If you do this, you may come as hostile and ultimately reject the offer. No matter how great your product is, a pushy seller will have lesser chances of getting the sale regardless.

Instead of this approach of pitching in the features of this product first thing in the conversation, probe and ask first what do these buyers need and what their concerns are, and from there, you may point out specific features that should cater to their interests.

This way of selling motivates your buyer to ask more about your product. With your thorough knowledge, as stated in the first tip, you can quickly close the sale because you inspired them that buying this house can solve whatever problems they have before the visit.

Wearing Your Best Shoes

Self-image is as important as the house itself, and if you are selling your home to buyers either online or real-life, make sure to be as presentable as possible.

Understand that in selling an estate or product, how you present yourself forward is an essential factor in securing a sale, even as a first-timer looking business-like and presentable will give the impression that you are an expert in your field.

The same concept goes as well in managing social media accounts on websites like LinkedIn. Upload a decent profile picture, and your online bio should be as professional as possible. You may start by writing first about yourself and your background in a few sentences, then proceed in posting your abilities concerning selling houses and how you can help your potential buyers in looking for the right home.

Keep Constant Communication

Due to the current crisis, the majority of transactions and communications are made online, and you have to build an online presence.

Building an online presence means being active on your social media accounts regularly and keeping in touch with your potential buyers, aside from pushing for the sale. Doing so creates a genuine conversation and a proper channel for negotiations without sounding too pushy.

Additionally, join online discussions on real estate, provide advice, and offer suggestions to peers will encourage others to trust you and, in return, more potential buyers to look into your product.

Depersonalize your Home

Selling traditionally or online means letting buyers look inside your home, and as a seller, you have to make them feel that they can live in your home.

Consider removing personal items like family portraits and avoid including pets in your pictures. You may also ask for experts in real estate of home stagers to properly arrange pieces of furniture that would look formal and clean to the investors.

Overall, make these buyers feel at home by removing your personal touch and keeping it neutral within the house.

Because of this crisis, almost everything has to be done online, and having excellent communication skills and proper social presence is a challenge in selling a home as-is. But as long as you are honest and have a great mindset of helping clients, then selling a home, no matter how expensive, would be less stressful and manageable than ever.

Photo by PixaSquare from Pexels