7 Beautiful retro beds that will bring joy into your life

Spending more time in our home will make us spend more time in bed. So, make your bed the star of your bedroom and also decorate it in a dreamy and comfy way. Since the retro style is a show stopper this year in terms of home decor, here are Seven Beautiful retro beds that will bring joy into your life this spring:

1. Theatrical mood

Opera night or bed night? You can have both if you choose a theatrical inspired bedroom. So decorate your bed with a velvet bed frame or velvet sheets and pillows and choose also a framed picture that shows drama or emotion. Also, mix these elements with retro inspired deco items and combine them with soft elements like a light pick wall.

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2. When retro meets modern

If you mix retro elements with new ones you will get a modern mix that’s trending right now. Make this modern arrangement even cooler with a fabulous chandelier, a green wall and a lot of green plants and glam elements like a golden lamp or tray.

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3. The simplicity in the retro style

Simple can mean beautiful, especially when we are talking about the splendid retro style. So, decorate a minimal bedroom with velvet covers and pillow cushions, all in different rich shades or retro inspired colors. Mix them with retro inspired paintings, a minimal nightstand and the perfect retro lamp, hanged over your bed.

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4. Pink shades

Pink and retro equal the perfect deco combination. So, give them a wow factor by mixing them with a retro inspired chandelier, a vintage floral wallpaper and a lot of oversized exotic plants. Also, decorate this lovely room with abstract painting in pink shades and dreamy velvet curtains.

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5. Retro extravaganza

Bring a touch of extravaganza intro any retro room with the help of colors and wild elements. Choose the extravagant animal print or fabrics that show wild animal and decorate your floor or walls with them. Also, decorate your wall with pictures or decorations in bold colors and also choose a daring color for your bed.

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6. Seventies retro

For a very trendy bedroom mix the Seventies look with the old retro glam. Choose gorgeous pictures with cranes for your wall in framed pictures or in a dreamy wallapaper and mix them with flowers, golden details and and wild prints. It will all result into a bold bedroom that’s full of personality and style.

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7. The elegance in the retro look

Any retro bedroom brings out a certain elegance, making it the perfect space to start your day with a breakfast in bed. So, choose a golden tray for this special treat and decorate your dreamy bedroom with nature inspired wallpaper, pink shades and a velvet bed. Don’t forget to add fresh flowers in a fabulous vase, for a perfect dreamy day.

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