5 gorgeous natural wood kitchen designs we love

When we’re talking about natural wood in design in 2020 it’s not the same thing as the design our parents used to have in their homes. Nowadays, it’s all about bringing a bit of the natural feeling and giving it a bit of a modern twist. This can translate in so many styles, from boho, to industrial or even rustic. Lots of people are looking for high quality solid wood furniture to keep in their homes. It’s up to you how you decide to incorporate the natural wood trend.

So, here are 5 gorgeous natural wood kitchen designs to inspire you:

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1.Boho chic 

The boho chic style is suitable for relaxed and free spirited individuals who are very fond of nature. The wooden touch is present on the open shelves and the table and the nature vibe s competed by the two plants.

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2. Kitchen island table

The kitchen island table can be used for serving breakfast or a quick lunch, can be a great storage space and it also delimits the kitchen from the rest of the house. The wooden kitchen island table and the matching kitchen hood make the perfect pair in this grey and white room. Read more on how to finance your home improvement projects.

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3. Wooden bar stools

If you only want to add a small touch of wood design into your kitchen these bar stools are the way to go. The rattan lighting pendants are matching perfectly and they also bring a bit of the 70s throwback.

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4. A touch of mint

If you want to avoid getting easily bored with neutral colors, you can choose to mix the wooden elements with another color – like mint in this case. To keep things balanced you can choose the bottom side to be natural and the top cabinets colored.

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5. The modern rustic 

Mixing tradition with novelty is what the modern rustic is all about. The wooden top of the cabinet and the open shelves are  just the right touch of the nature brought into a kitchen.

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