5 Mid century furniture ideas for spring

The mid century era in design is defined by the period between the end of World War II and the 60s. The pieces made during that time were durable and many of them have beautiful carvings which gives them a sophisticated design. What’s interesting is that if people were looking for matchy-matchy pieces 10 years ago, nowadays things have evolved into a more mixed situation, so including mid-century pieces into their home deco brings originality.

Mid century pieces have that unique vibe and mixed with modern pieces, the result can be amazing. So here are 5 mid century furniture ideas for spring:

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1. Entryway piece

If the vintage color of wood doesn’t suit the rest of the decorations, you can always choose to paint it. After choosing the colors, pick the right hardware and the transformation will be mind-blowing.

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2. Natural color

If you’re a fan of the natural wood color, you can keep the original furniture just the way it was and mix it with some modern pieces. The mid century coffee tables makes a great pair with the golden, grey and white elements and the nature effect is accentuated by the plants.

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3. Mid century ottoman DYI

If you are looking for an easy upgrade for your home, you can transform a mid century ottoman by painting it with bold and bright colors and geometric design. Tres chic!

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4. Mid century buffet

The diner arrangement can be upgraded with this Mid century buffet. The two cabinet doors and three drawers contain a lot of space for cutlery, dishware and linens for your next dinner. 

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5. Vintage commode

Boho-chic alert! This 3 drawers commode is a dream for any boho fan and it can easily be mixed with modern elements. Besides its practical purpose, the top can act like a stage for plants and decorations. Breathtaking result!

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