5 beautiful archways that will make you gasp

Archways are making a huge comeback this year, as it is one of the most important trends of 2020. Curves add a feminine and soft touch to any interior and, moreover, archways can help increase the overall value of a property. Half-circle archways are also known as semicircular arches and they resemble the Tuscan and Spanish architecture. They enhance any space and add style to the inside of any home.

So, here are 5 beautiful archways that will make you gasp:



1.Stairway to heaven

Even if they bring additional expense when redecorating, archways have so much historical charm. The arch makes the space feel custom and extremely charming, especially when in this magical combo with the spiral staircase.


2. Old and new

The storied hallway and the high ceilings make this house look like a dream. The vintage details on the archway represent a unique  characteristic and it is perfectly balanced by modern elements like the lighting pendants or the mirror.


3. Modern French chateau

Arched doorways bring the French feel home. The kitchen is large and the cabinets are minimal – black and white and marble on the kitchen hood, therefore it lets details like the archways stand up in simplicity and they also create a feeling of spaciousness. 


4. Mediterranean house

The arched entries leading to the batch in this 1920s house look like they’re from a vintage Italian movie. While the doors and the matching interior windows bring the Mediterranean vibe, the bathtub, the rug and the hardware complete the scenery.


5. Nouveau bohemian apartment

This apartment looks like a piece of jewelry, because of the beautiful stained glass arches, tiled kitchen floor, paned window doors and gorgeous marble fireplaces. The simple furniture pieces and all white walls, plus the plants create this wonderful nouveau bohemian apartment.


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