Ideas to Set up Wine Bars at Home

Everyone dreams of having a proper bar at home. People who don’t drink often need this bar to entertain their guests. Remember, a home bar can add a surprising element to your space. If you want to set up a bar at home, you have to arrange must-have tools and drinks.

You will need bar tools, cocktail books, mixers, bitters, glassware, spirits, garnishes and different types of wines. For your assistance, here are some ideas to transform your space into a beautiful bar.

Wine Fridge

Your home bar is incomplete without a wine refrigerator. These are available in different sizes and styles. Small and large wine fridges come with various features, such as single-zone technology or dual-zone cooling technology.

Some refrigerators are designed with LED interior lighting and digital temperature control. You can select a fridge after evaluating its features, cooling technology and built-in elements.

Beautiful Bar Carts

For your home bar, you will need the beautiful bar carts. These will be the hottest furnishings for your bar to increase the beauty of your space. With the help of bar carts, it will be easy for you to mix drinks.

Your guests will feel comfortable in the presence of bar cats to make their drinks. Mindfully organize a bar cart to increase the beauty of this space. Feel free to store additional items in your pantry to decrease mess or clutter.

A Console Table

A sideboard, credenza or a console table can be transformed into a bar. You will need a beautiful tray to top it. Enclose your bottles, bitters, glasses and decanters on the top of the console table. Keep necessary tools of a bar in a vessel or a nearby drawer.

You will find this option suitable if you have numerous bartending tools. Make sure to leave some space for small decoration and lamps to maintain the beauty of your console.

Use a Subtle Tray

If you have the surface of a bookshelf or bookcase, you can transform it into a bar. Arrange spirits and glasses on the shelf, along with other accessories. In case you don’t have a bookshelf for spirits, you can put a tray on the top of furniture. Wall décor and surround art can decrease the focus of your bar tendering tools.

Built-in Wet Bar

Feel free to have a bona fide bar (wet bar with one sink) in your personal space. It will help you to improve your mixology skills. Along with essential bar items, you must keep a trash can and a handy towel in your bar. It will help you to wash glasses and use fresh ingredients. With this setup, you can impress your guests.

Important Bitters

Bitters are alcohol (high-proof) infused with roots, spices and herbs. These are famous for their use in dashes to add the botanical additive to beverages. Nowadays, different kinds of bitters from coffee bitter to rhubarb bitters are available in liquor stores.

Make sure to arrange essential gadgets, such as soda siphons, a vacuum sealer and other vital tools to improve your mixology skills. 

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