6 stunning wooden floor bathroom ideas

Adding wood elements to a bathroom might seem like an odd option, but lately more and more stunning bathroom designs have this element inserted. The chosen wood should be solid, as talked about by builders, with the most suitable types being the ones originated at the tropics- like lapacho, cedar or algarobbo- because they’re easily adaptable to moist.

So, here are 6 stunning wooden floor bathroom ideas to pick from if you’re considering integrating wood in your design:


1.Delimiting spaces

In this spacious bathroom, the wooden floor is elegantly delimiting the space between the bathing area, represented by a clawfoot tub, and the sink cabinet area, creating a wow effect.


2.Navy contrast

This chic wooden floor creates the base of this amazing bathroom. The navy contrast adds personality to it together with the wooden chandelier and chair, golden etagere, the art pieces and the plants.


3. Mint green touch

Here, the herringbone wood floors create an unexpected ensemble with the mint green elements we find in the walls’ painting and on the clawfoot tub. The curtain shower, the chandelier and the frames complete the bathroom decor perfectly.


4. Dark nuances

The dark wooden floor and the black elements such the black painted window trim, the clawfoot tub or the rug create such a beautiful contrast with the shower area. The plant situated at the window disrupts a bit the black and white situation, bringing a bit of nature inside the bathroom. For a great hardwood floor maintenance, check out the best polishing power tools.


5. Wood all the way

The wood elements are found in this bathroom not only on the floor, but also in the frames of the windows and the cabinets. The white marble and the golden accessories add a luxurious touch and the plants cheer up the vibe.


6. Wood and grey

What’s interesting here is that the dominant color, gray, found on the cabinets and the walls, can also be spotted in the wooden floors, creating an incredible harmony in this bathroom.


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